4 Common Questions about Cloud Based Phone Systems Answered

With developments in technology over the years and the shift towards remote or hybrid work culture.


With developments in technology over the years and the shift towards remote or hybrid work culture, the popularity of cloud based phone systems has risen in the recent times. A number of businesses have been opting for this flexible and reliable communication solution in an attempt to increase productivity and improve savings. If you’d like to learn more about the cloud business phone system, here are four common questions answered below:

What is a cloud based phone system?

A cloud based phone system depends on your internet connection in order to make or receive phone calls. As opposed to the traditional phone system, you don’t have to setup a dedicated infrastructure to handle the communication process. The phone system and the hardware components are owned and maintained by a third party service provider. Being based on cloud technology, you get to communicate from any location. The lower initial costs and minimal maintenance fees makes it the cloud based phone system for small businesses.

Does a cloud based phone system have good sound quality?

The sound quality predominantly depends on your internet as well as the service provider. It is not really possible to fully control call quality, however it has drastically improved in the past few years. Reliable providers of cloud telephony promise 99.99% uptimes. You are less likely to encounter issues including jitters, call drops, and poor voice quality when you have a decent internet connection.

Will a cloud phone system cost a lot?

One of the benefits of the cloud business phone system is its minimal upfront cost. A third party provider will offer you the hardware, security, and maintenance to meet your communication needs. For a reasonable monthly fee, what you get is an efficient communication platform powered by cloud technology. You don’t have to setup an infrastructure because the system is hosted off site. This will let you save on installation and maintenance costs. You will be paying for your internet connection, POE switches, and ethernet cables.

Is cloud telephony suitable for remote workers?

Absolutely! In fact, cloud based phone systems are a boon to businesses embracing remote or hybrid work. Since the PBX service is based on the cloud rather than a physical location, remote workers will only need an internet connection and minimal hardware to get things going. Security, maintenance, and updates are handled by the service provider, therefore your cloud based phone system will mostly work without hiccups, regardless of your location.

Cloud business phone systems make communications smoother for your organisation without breaking the bank. This will also make things a lot easier for your staff and increase their productivity. Talk to a recognised provider of cloud telephony today and let them know what you need.

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