5 Aspects of a Conversion Friendly Web Design

Getting more people to visit your website is the first step towards getting more clients.


Getting more people to visit your website is the first step towards getting more clients. A conversion-friendly website design is all about understanding that web design is not just about making the website pretty, but also about how that website can be used to increase conversion rates. To help convert your visitors into clients, know these five important elements of a good web design Parramatta:

Create Easy Navigation:

One of the important things you can do for your website is create a structure for easy navigation. A good navigation system helps your customers easily find content, products, and services. Poor navigation can confuse customers and lead them to leave your site. Navigation is one of the first things users notice when they land on a new site. If your navigation system is confusing or leaves customers guessing, get the assistance of a web design agency Parramatta to fix it real soon.

Get Rid of Distractions:

Here’s yet another rule that’s important in web design: Keep it simple. Your website should always be simple enough to guide your visitors through the conversion process. It’s not doing your visitors any favour if you make them jump through hoops to buy your product or service. Just keep it easy to find the “Buy Now” button. The easier it is for people to find what you’re selling, the more likely they are to buy or convert. Try and avoid too many annoying pop-up alerts or ads as well.

Lead With a Powerful Headline:

A headline is indeed a powerful tool for grabbing a user’s attention. It should be clear and descriptive, and written to appeal directly to the visitor. It should also be concise, eye-catching, and make the user want to read more. The headline should be the first thing a visitor sees. It should be above the fold and easy to read. It should also give the user a good idea of what the webpage is about. When the web content isn’t relevant to your headline, it can impact the SEO of your website.

Make it Easy to Scan:

As mentioned earlier, most landing pages must be designed to offer minimal distraction. This also lets users quickly scan the page, absorb what they are being told, and take the next step in the conversion process. You should keep this in mind when designing a landing page. If you want users to take action, make sure you are not distracting them with complex design elements or too much text. And consider adding a few sub-headings to break up a long text.

Use Colours Effectively:

No one likes to be bombarded with flashy colours and blinking lights. But when used effectively in web design Parramatta, colours can help you achieve your goals. A good colour scheme can be the difference between conversion and bounce. An expert will use the right colours for your site to influence a visitor’s emotions and draw their attention.

Your web design can have a huge impact on your website traffic. If you are not aware of the opportunities that a good web design provides, you are missing out. Talk to a design agency Parramatta to know more.

The author is specialised in web design Parramatta and has an experience of more than 4 years. In this article, he explains how to leverage web design to improve conversions. To know more, visit https://www.modemedia.com.au/



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