5 Awesome Facts about Bill Change Machines

Bill change machines or bill changers are an incredibly useful equipment for different businesses including laundry services, car washes, and the like.


Bill change machines or bill changers are an incredibly useful equipment for different businesses including laundry services, car washes, and the like. A lot of people undermine the actual benefit that bill change machines offer – customer satisfaction! Yes, when you offer them the convenience of dispensing change instantaneously, customers will be impressed by your service. This is why having a bill change machine at your store is invaluable. Here are a few facts you need to know about bill changers:

Exchange your paper currency for coins:

The main purpose of using a bill change machine is to exchange real paper currency for an equivalent number of coins or quarters. All you need to do is insert your dollar bill into the slot of the machine. The machine’s scanner will analyze the paper currency to determine its authenticity. If the dollar bill is legit, the transaction will be processed further. After it accepts the paper currency, the machine will dispense the right number of coins for you. The entire process will happen in a matter of seconds.

Bill changes can detect fake dollar bills:

You might be curious to know if it’s possible to fool a bill changer machine using a fake dollar bill. Well, that’s not possible! A modern and robust bill changer, offered by recognized manufacturing companies, come with superior scanning technologies that can identify fake currency. So, you can rest assured that your money will be safe. Such manufacturing companies are also actively working on fixing any hacks, bugs, or exploits to protect your machine from fraudsters. When a fake dollar bill is inserted, the machine will reject it immediately and decline the transaction.

Good bill changers wont jam:

One of the reasons why experts always suggest buying a bill change machine from a good manufacturer is to ensure reliability. Good quality bill change machines will ensure that your paper currency will never get jammed. These machines go through field tests, so that they have little to no jam rates. Just be sure to clarify about the same with the manufacturer before finalizing your purchase.

Prices vary based on features:

Different bill changers come with varying features and specifications. When you are about to purchase the bill change machine, some of the aspects that you should pay attention to include the coin storage capacity and security capabilities. Choose a bill changer that brings essential features for a reasonable price.

Quality bill changers have high acceptance rates:

State of the art bill change machines offered by leading manufacturers guarantee high acceptance rates. This means that the machine can accept paper currency even when they are wrinkled, torn, worn, or faded. Therefore, your customers won’t get annoyed while using your machine, since it will accept the dollar bill without multiple attempts. Such machines will also support several denominations of paper currency.

Ready to purchase a bill changer machine? Get in touch with a manufacturer right away!

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