5 Best Colours that Improve Employee Productivity in a Workspace

We’ve all heard about how colour affects our moods. According to colour psychology, different colours are often associated with positive or negative emotions.


We’ve all heard about how colour affects our moods. According to colour psychology, different colours are often associated with positive or negative emotions. However, we don’t often hear how certain colours can also help us be more productive at work. In fact, several studies have found that certain colours impact office productivity. By choosing the right colours for your office space, you could make the most out of your team’s efforts and your own workday. Here are some of the best colours recommended by interior designers in Parramatta:


It seems fitting that one of nature’s most prevalent colours would be conducive to business. Green is often thought of as soothing and restful, which makes it a great colour for an office space. With our work-driven culture, it also symbolises productivity and wealth. Green is great for helping to reduce feelings of sadness and anxiety, making it an optimal choice for offices or public spaces. Green is best used in large areas because it helps calm you down and gives you that space to focus on tasks at hand.


Studies have shown that individuals who work in blue rooms experience decreased blood pressure and improved sleep. If you’re looking to increase your productivity at work, try out a light sky blue or a similar hue. Not only is it ideal for a bright office space, but it also has been shown to improve overall mental performance. According to the interior designers in Parramatta, blue calms our nerves and allows us to concentrate on tasks without letting us get distracted by outside stimuli.



Interior design firms in Parramatta recommend white because it’s safe, professional and neutral. White allows you to work in a variety of lighting conditions without getting distracted by colour. A uniform, solid colour like white stays neutral enough to avoid causing irritation or distraction. If you need help with productivity, start by making sure your office space is as clean and clutter-free as possible, and stick with a neutral colour palette if you’re going with a bolder look.


The colour red signifies energy, which is extremely important when it comes to completing tasks and getting work done. Red also stimulates your appetite, increasing people’s eating habits, thus making them an ideal colour for restaurants. If you need help focusing on a task at hand or just want to feel extra productive at work, try red.


Black is emerging to be one of the popular colour options for commercial interiors. Monochromatic spaces like black can lead to more focused and engaged employees. When people are in a uniform environment, they tend to act with less inhibition. Just like green, black has a calming effect and makes employees feel empowered. In areas like beauty salons and law offices, black is a suitable colour.

It’s important to choose colours that not only look good, but also make us feel productive and motivated. Get in touch with expert commercial interior designers in Parramatta for assistance.

The author is a qualified interior designer working in one of the leading interior design firms in Parramatta. He frequently writes about office designs for various blogsites. For more information, visit https://www.alandcohausofdesign.com/



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