5 Commercial Interior Design Mistakes that Can Cost Your Business

No matter what type of commercial space you own, whether it’s an office building or a coffee shop, interior design can make or break the atmosphere and overall user experience.


No matter what type of commercial space you own, whether it’s an office building or a coffee shop, interior design can make or break the atmosphere and overall user experience. When you’re in charge of renovating these spaces, it’s important to know what not to do so that you don’t ruin the atmosphere with subpar interior design elements and ideas. Expert interior designers in Chatswood list five common mistakes you should avoid in commercial interior design.

Not Having a Vision:

In any commercial interior design project, one of your first goals should be establishing a clear vision. This will help you stay on track as you move through all of these steps. But what if you don’t have a clear vision? You might get mired down in details and forget about something important. It might seem like an easy shortcut to try out something new. But when you’re doing commercial interior design, every decision matters. It has an impact on every other aspect of your design!

Not Focusing on Quality:

The commercial world is a fast-paced one, and oftentimes having something that looks good is as important as having something that’s well made. Unfortunately, cutting corners means building things you’ll eventually have to replace, and throwing away money down a rat hole. If you want commercial interior design done right, you need commercial interior designers in Chatswood who care about quality. After all, your business will be judged by its appearance first and foremost.

Choosing Wrong Size Furniture:

When it comes to commercial interior design, choosing an oversized or undersized piece can completely throw off a space. When you hire an expert commercial interior designer, they will help create an inviting space that attracts customers while fitting with your brand’s style and mission. Make sure that you choose furniture in proportion with your space.

Not Hiring an Interior Designer Early Enough:


Interior design is an incredibly complicated process that requires years of experience and specialised knowledge. If you want your business space to look great and function at optimal levels, don’t try to tackle it yourself. Several people tend to make all sorts of decisions on their own (from flooring and fixtures, to furniture and paint colours) only to regret later. Hire the best interior designers in Chatswood from day one and get a head start on creating a beautiful and functional office.

Poor Use of Light:

Sufficient lighting is extremely important for employee productivity and well-being. This will help your employees to focus on their work. A lack of general light contributes to feelings of stress and depression. Good lighting is important for customers to shop as well.

When you hire interior design firms in Chatswood to design your commercial building, they’ll help you create an office or retail space that works well for your employees and customers, or increase the value of your property. Discuss with the experts and let them help you out.

The author is one of the qualified commercial interior designers in Chatswood who has years of experience and expertise in interior design. He frequently writes about interior design for various publications. To know more, visit https://www.alandcohausofdesign.com/



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