5 Easy Ways a Small Business Can Benefit From a Cloud Based Phone System

A cloud based business phone system is advantageous for small businesses because unlike conventional phones.

A cloud based business phone system is advantageous for small businesses because unlike conventional phones, a cloud hosted pbx does not rely on dedicated copper wires and other older infrastructure, but allows you to make telephone calls via your existing internet connection.

Telecommunication firms are actively discontinuing and no longer upgrading traditional landlines, and these firms are no longer the monopolists on the telecom market since most markets allowed competitors to enter. Simultaneously computers became more are more economical to run, got bigger capacity with every new generation, were more powerful and the high penetration grade of internet connections in the country, created a whole new industry of alternative, competing telecom or VoIP providers.

With major advances in functionality, reliability, flexibility and quality, more and more small businesses are switching to VoIP. To understand better, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a cloud based phone system for small business.

1. No need to buy or maintain equipment

A small business that opts to go with a cloud based business phone system does not have to buy, install and maintain hardware such as a PBX or PABX server, a switch, dedicated network and other equipment. This means a direct saving ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only that, a cloud based phone system for small business also means peace of mind, lower upfront fees and reduced concerns of having an IT personnel to maintain and customise the software. With a cloud hosted PBX, small businesses can concentrate more on serving its customers because all the phone system’s equipment will be procured and maintained by the VoIP provider.

2. Communications are unified

The latest trend in a cloud based phone system for small business is nowadays that more than one channel is handled by do more, for instance web applications webforms on websites, but also voicemails, voice notes, web chat, emails or SMS. On top you’ll find a contact management platform or CRM tools in this place.

3. Amazing in-built features

Aside from unifying communications in a single location, a good cloud based business system has other powerful features including contact directories, speed dialing, customisable welcome or marketing messages, on-hold and queuing and call back music. Furthermore, small businesses can also count on things like call recording, auto attendants, ring groups, call trees, call forwarding, call analytics, voice notifications, multi-way calling (more than 2 simultaneously in a call) and many more options.

4. Reduced Telephone Bills

Aside from lower fees for long distance calls, a small business can significantly decrease the size of its telephone bills. The savings from a cloud hosted PBX usually come from not having to spend on additional phone lines, purchase or maintain hardware and not having to pay long-distance fees and very low costs for calls between their own locations. A cloud based business phone system can support high user numbers in exchange for a low monthly fee. Adding or deleting users can normally also done instantly without the hassle of having to invest in extra lines.

5. Greater flexibility and mobility

A cloud-based phone system can be advantageous for a small business because it can allow it to make and receive calls from whatever location as long as there is Internet connectivity. A device which is part of a system can be utilised as a business extension including tablets, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or stand alone IP desk- or cordless phones.

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