5 Gorgeous Flowers that are Perfect for the Holidays

Flowers are fantastic gifts to give during the holidays, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just winter in general.


Flowers are fantastic gifts to give during the holidays, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just winter in general. Because they’re so eye-catching, especially in the winter months, flowers are often the perfect choice to celebrate holidays with your loved ones. There are lots of different flowers that look great in this season and make fantastic holiday gifts to show someone you care. This guide from the expert Bismarck florists will walk you through some of the best of them.

White Chrysanthemums:

A traditional Christmas flower, white chrysanthemums—are perfect for wreaths and table centerpieces. Not only are they a snowy white accent to your holiday decorations, but they also symbolize peace and good fortune. Plus, they’re extremely easy to care for, and they’re long-lasting and hardy.


Hydrangeas are one of the popular flowers to include in your Christmas florals. Not only are they beautiful, but they can also last up to two weeks! They are available in a variety of colors and are commonly used for holiday decorations. Whether you want something that’s on-trend or something that’s more classic, Hydrangeas make a great gift.

Red Roses:

It’s no secret that red roses have long been associated with romance and beauty, which is why you’ll often see them in Christmas bouquets. But let’s not forget their second most famous attribute: durability. According to the Bismarck florists, Red Roses can last up to a week or ten days with proper care. Their velvet petals and sweet scent make them a holiday favorite.


If you’re looking to go big and splashy, Amaryllis are a fantastic holiday flower. These cheerful blooms come in a variety of colors and sizes, which means you can pick them based on your unique color scheme. Amaryllis plants are fun to grow. Their blooms are huge and bright, so they make great holiday table centerpieces or beautiful decorations that can be enjoyed after your celebration is over.


The perfect gift for the special person in your life, orchids are available at Bismarck flower shops in a variety of colors and types. Blue Dendrobium Orchids (see photo) evoke a Happy Hanukkah or a jewel-toned Christmas. White Cymbidium Orchids can be featured in table centerpieces, looking elegant and luxurious. Or send an Orchid Plant that will last and last!

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays at home, or want to send your holiday greetings to friends or family, these flowers are perfect for the season. They’re guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit, too! So, what are you waiting for? Talk to a florist today or visit their website to order a flower delivery Bismarck online. Order early to be sure your floral gift is delivered on the day you choose!

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