5 Reasons building a Duplex is a Good Decision

When people are considering to construct their first home, some of the options that immediately come to their minds include an individual house, a townhouse, or a condo.


When people are considering to construct their first home, some of the options that immediately come to their minds include an individual house, a townhouse, or a condo. However, there is another popular choice that is worth considering – Duplexes! Apart from being a spacious and comfortable living space, a duplex can reward you with great benefits. Curious to know why building a duplex is beneficial? Reputable architecture company Dvyne Design explains the reasons below:

Helps with Mortgage Payments:

If you need help with mortgage, one of the best things to do is to invest in a duplex. Once a duplex is built, it can provide you a high rate of return. You can live in one side of the building, and get funds in the form of rent from the tenants living in the remaining portion of the building. This income helps to pay off your mortgage moving forward.

Keep your elderly close:

Another advantage of building a duplex with the help of a Sydney architecture studio is that you can have your elderly members live close to you. When your ageing family members are in your house, you can always offer them the care and attention they need. This is especially important when they have health problems. Also, it is fun to have their company. You will get to help each other in cooking and other simple chores.

Let your teenagers live next to you:

If you don’t want your teenagers to stay far away from your house, you can give them a specific portion of the duplex. It gives you a peace of mind when they live right next to you. They will also enjoy the freedom of living in a separate space with enough privacy. This shows how versatile duplexes can be.

Great for Airbnb

When you need to earn some extra dollars, a duplex can be used as an Airbnb property. A part of the property can be offered as a vacation rental site that will be useful for families. Vacation renters will pay more, since they are getting a full apartment rather than a single room. And when you provide the best amenities in your duplex, you can advertise about it on your Airbnb listing with a higher price tag.

More benefits:

Here are more benefits of duplexes explained by the experts at Dvyne Design:

– If friends or family members are coming over to spend their vacation with you, a duplex will serve as a guest house. This lets them enjoy an independent space with sufficient privacy.

– With Work From Home becoming the new norm, utilise a portion of your duplex as a dedicated workspace. Your work won’t be distracted and productivity will remain consistent when you get to work in a secluded area.

Interested in designing and duplex home? Get in touch with the best architects in Sydney Australia if you’d like to discuss about the design and construction of the property. They’re ready to answer all your questions.

The author is working in a recognised Sydney architecture studio for more than 4 years, and has experience in designing and constructing functional duplexes at competitive rates. To know more, visit https://www.dvyne.com.au/



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