5 Things Every Medical Student Should Remember

Each person has a unique method of learning. Knowing what works for you will give you a head start.


If you are just starting your medical course or getting in to your second year, it’s likely that you are equal parts excited and overwhelmed about the whole situation. Med school can be challenging, but when you adopt the right study practices, it’ll be a lot more manageable than you think! These 5 tips from the experts will help you simplify your journey:

Know How to Pursue a Medical Course:

Each person has a unique method of learning. Knowing what works for you will give you a head start. Think and identify if you are a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner. For instance, auditory learners usually prefer listening to recorded lectures or medical podcasts in order to grasp the facts and memorise them faster. Whereas, certain others would prefer learning visually to understand things better. If you don’t feel like fully dedicating yourself into learning, take a break or a power nap.

Get the Assistance from Older Students:

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from senior students. They can give you great guidance on your course based off their experience. They may also describe their learning process with you, and even share their mistakes they have committed in the past. Not to mention listening to medical podcasts where expert specialists will share key information useful for your career.

Foster Good Friendships:

You will meet some of the most diverse, talented, and dedicated people who share the same interests and goals as you. Building connections and being friends with some of them will be enriching. You could share your study materials, lifestyle habits, interests, hobbies, and more. Get to know everyone in your class, and maybe even form a study group.

Spend Your Time on Other Things:

Studying for long hours and doing nothing else will get very exhausting, which is why you should take a break and focus on other things outside of your studies. If you like playing football, go for it! Maybe you are a huge fan of theatre. Go ahead and watch a play or two. Hanging out with your friends and doing things that you love will be very refreshing to your mind and body. Listening to the best medical podcasts is a good idea too.

Your Mental Health Matters:

Eat well, get good sleep, exercise, and do spend quality time with your loved ones. Because, your mental health matters. It’s totally okay to seek help if you feel anxious or depressed. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that help is always available when you are struggling with anything, be it academics or something else.

Doing your course at a med school is quite a journey. Sure, you will encounter some bumps from time to time, but it’s your unwavering commitment that will never stop you. Talk to the experts in your field, read books, or listen to a medicine podcast to deep dive into the world of medicine.

The author is an expert physician working in one of the recognised hospitals for more than 4 years. He runs a medicine podcast where he and his guests talk about all things urgent care. To know more, visit https://critcareedu.com.au/



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