6 Important Qualities a Critical Care Nurse Must Have

Critical care nurses should take the effort to constantly improve their nursing skills, in order to provide a comfortable experience for patients.


Knowing the skills required for a critical care nurse is important while learning about emergency medicine. Critical care nurses should take the effort to constantly improve their nursing skills, in order to provide a comfortable experience for patients. They should always update their knowledge on emergency medicine using reference materials and by listening to medical podcasts. Take a look at these necessary qualities described below:


Critical care nurses should be able to work as a team. In an intensive care facility, nurses only provide a part of the treatment required for patients. A critical care team consists of specialists, physicians, and other medical professionals who perform their duties and communicate with other members of the team. Lack of teamwork and communication can adversely impact the quality of medical care.


Working at an intensive care unit can be overwhelming sometimes. Critical care nurses spend hours to take care of their patients, which can be both physically and emotionally demanding. But if you are passionate about your job, nothing can stop you. Seeing improvements in your patient’s health or getting an appreciation from them is a rewarding feeling.

Technical Skills:

Critical care nursing requires extensive education in emergency care as well as good technical proficiency. This is because nurses are supposed to assist the patients by handling various procedures, such as monitoring the neurological status, offering medications, arranging ventilatory support and more. These are not easy to handle unless you get enough training. Focusing on continuing education, listening to medical podcasts, and improving the nursing skills are necessary to provide good patient care.

Organising Skills:

Nursing is not the right job for those who lack good organisational skills. Nurses should always be able to multitask, considering the complexity of the work. Medical errors can put someone’s life in jeopardy. It is the responsibility of the staff to stay organised and coordinate with their colleagues, so that the patients are properly cared for and the overall healthcare system is improved.


Critical care nurses work long hours to attend to their patients’ requirements and, they somehow forget about the importance of self-care. Intensive care is a stressful job, and dealing with stress for a prolonged period isn’t good for your health. This is why self-care is important for both nurses and doctors.

Take some time to unwind. Meditate, read books, spend quality time with your family and friends, watch a movie, or perhaps listen to the best medical podcasts. Do anything that minimises stress and gives you a peace of mind. You deserve it!

Critical Thinking Skills:

Besides your focus on improving your knowledge and skills, critical thinking and decision making are important too. If the condition of the patient changes rapidly, you should be able to make a quick decision and offer the most relevant treatment in a matter of seconds.

For a flourishing career in emergency medicine, critical care nurses should learn and improve the skills required for the job. Refer useful educational sources and listen to a good medicine podcast to stay informed on the latest developments in the healthcare industry. Being skilled at what you do will bring you satisfaction and happiness.

The author is a medical practitioner who runs a medicine podcast sharing useful information and updates on urgent care. He regularly writes articles on critical care for various publications. Visit https://critcareedu.com.au/ for more information.



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