6 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

One of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom can often become a place where we never want to spend much time.


One of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom can often become a place where we never want to spend much time. But with a little bit of attention and renovation work, it’s possible to transform your small bathroom into something that works well for you and your family. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve the best results for your small bathroom renovations Sydney.

Before Your Renovation

Whether you are renovating your bathroom with the help of a professional, it’s important to have an understanding of what will be involved in order to save time and money. The most common types of renovations are cosmetic, functional and structural. Depending on how extensive your renovation project is, you may require approval for building work from the council. For cosmetic renovations, all that may be required is some tiling work or perhaps replacing cabinets with higher quality ones that suit your taste better. Talk to the professionals from your bathroom renovation company to evaluate your option.

Bathroom Fixtures

No matter your budget, it’s crucial that you pick fixtures that are both functional and stylish. If you’re trying to make small bathroom renovations, don’t forget about storage space! It may seem obvious, but if you choose a sink with no room for storage below it, there won’t be much room left in your bathroom. Moreover, keeping your sink clean is easy if there are plenty of places to put extra soap or razors.

Install Over-shower Bath

If you’re cramped for space, why not install an over-shower bath? Over-shower baths can be retrofitted into your existing space and require little demolition work. If you need more storage in your bathroom, consider installing a separate cupboard next to your over-shower bath.

Consider Corner Vanity

If you’re able to make some space in your bathroom, consider getting a corner vanity. Corner vanities provide you with more storage, countertop space and accessibility than standard vanities. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms that have limited floor or wall space. Corner vanities are also great for making use of odd corners that may be leftover after tiling is complete.

Tall Storage Options

If you’re renovating a small bathroom, storage space can be an issue. Tall cabinets allow you to keep larger toiletries off of your counters and on shelves where they won’t take up extra floor space. For maximum efficiency, makes sure to leave room for a garbage bin beneath the storage unit. When shopping for tall cabinets, consider how wide your doorways are so that any cabinet taller than four feet will fit through without needing to be cut down or taking out part of a wall. Moreover, choosing a vanity with two drawers below instead of one means there is double more storage space for all of those smaller items that typically get lost in big drawers.

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