A Closer Look at Tesla Wall Charger

Are you looking to make a purchase on a tesla wall charger?


Are you looking to make a purchase on a tesla wall charger? And searching for the Tesla wall charger features comes with? You are on the right path! This is what the article is about! The world-famous Tesla destination charger or Tesla wall connector will let you plug your vehicle in overnight and start your day fully charged. It is one of the best, convenient, and efficient home charging solution for your Tesla car. The Tesla wall charger is a compact, high-quality unit designed for everyday use. The charging speed of this type of charge will be 22kW (120 km of driving per hour of charge). And, it will be great for the high traffic commercial applications, like apartment or office.

Wall Connector Features

The Wall Connector is the best home charging solution, which provides the most convenience and the fastest charging speeds

1. -30°C to 50°C Operating Temperature

2. CE Approval

3. Coloured LEDs indicate operating status

4. It meets both European and Australian standards

5. The weight of the unit will be around 9 kg

6. As per your convenience, you can mount it on a pole or wall.

7. Robust, space-saving housing – D140 x W160 x H380mmHeight: 380 mm

8. Outdoor and indoor and Rated IP44

9. The length of the cable will be 7.4m.

10. This unit will come with four years warranty

11. This unit will be well compatible with Tesla vehicles

12. Supply circuit- 230 Volts Single Phase or 400 Volts Three Phase

How To Connecting a Wall Connector to Wi-Fi?

First Step: Prompt Wall Connector to broadcast its Wi-Fi signal.

Second Step: Make sure the Wall Connector is broadcasting.

Third Step: Find and select the Wall Connector’s Wi-Fi network using your phone.

Fourth Step: Connect to the Wall Connector’s Wi-Fi

Fifth Step: Scan the QR code with your phone camera

Sixth Step: To complete the set up of your wall connector to connect your Wi-Fi

Point to remember when installing Tesla Charging Station

For the safe Tesla charger installation, you must seek the help of a professional company that is fully responsible for the installation and familiar with Australian industry standards. They should carry out by a licensed and qualified electrician and give a guarantee on workmanship.

Little Guide on Tesla Charging Station

Time Duration it Takes To Install the Tesla Charging Station: Home charging equipment installation can take from several hours to two days.

Best Way To Charge A Tesla: plugin every evening to top off the battery. This ensures you always wake up to a fully charged Tesla.

Percentage You Should Charge The Battery :

1. When you are preparing for a longer trip, charge up to 100%

2. For regular use, keep your car set within the ‘Daily’ range bracket, up to approximately 90%.


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