A Guide to Buying Jaguar EV Charger

With a passion for design and advanced electric technologies, Jaguar offers a zero-tailpipe emission car that remains to be the most iconic electric vehicle range in the market.


With a passion for design and advanced electric technologies, Jaguar offers a zero-tailpipe emission car that remains to be the most iconic electric vehicle range in the market. If you are planning to switch to electric cars, there’s no other better option than Jaguar’s electric range. In fact, you are one step closer to contributing to making the planet cleaner and a better place to live in for our future generations. That said, charging the vehicles and jaguar car charger should be carefully considered. While Jaguar has made charging their EV breeze and hassle-free, it’s still important to choose the right jaguar ev charger that suits your needs.

Is it possible to install the charger by yourself? How much does the charger cost? How long should I charge my vehicle? We know there are hundreds of questions in your mind right now as you are new to EV. Don’t fret, this guide can help get answers for all your queries regarding jaguar charger:-

Charging Power

It’s essential to consider the charging power of the charger. Different electric vehicles have varied power requirements. While some models tend to charge faster, others tend to charge slowly based on the technology, type of battery, and the type of charger. Based on your electric vehicle’s specification, choose a charging station with a power rating between 3kw and 22kw. However, Jaguar has specified the charger compatible with the car and how much time is required to charge your vehicle partially and completely in the user manual.

Generally, Jaguar’s electric ranges are compatible with two types of charging connectors with different speeds, including AC charging and Rapid DC charging. AC charger is a type 2 connector that’s compatible with your home charger and public AC charging points.

On the other hand, DC charging is compatible with all types of ports. The vehicles’ inlet features two pins can be combined with three pins of the charger to charge the battery quickly.


It’s a good idea to hire professionals for installing and setting up your charging station. It’s necessary to analyse the current sockets and cables, and ensure they are safe for charging the vehicle for hours together.

Type of Plug

Type and Type 2 are the standard plug types available in the market. EV chargers with type 2 are compatible with most ports in home, commercial settings, and public places.


The cost of a charging station might vary according to the model and features of the chargers and other factors, including the power and charging capacity.

Don’t forget about safety when you are looking for charging stations for your brand new Jaguar. Make sure the charger is safe and complies with national regulations. Choose the right supplier who offers premium quality chargers for all brands and makes, and more importantly, who provides the best service for all your current and future charging needs.

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