A Guide to Throwing a Fried Chicken Party

Summer is here, and it’s time for partying and spending some time outdoors. Fried chicken would be just the thing for a backyard, pool, or patio bash! Be it fried or charcoal chicken Castle Hill


Summer is here, and it’s time for partying and spending some time outdoors. Fried chicken would be just the thing for a backyard, pool, or patio bash! Be it fried or charcoal chicken Castle Hill, it’s sure to hit with adults, seniors, and kids alike. Easy to cook or order and serve, fried chicken is perfect choice for outdoor entertaining. Yes, the perfect comfort food that’s loved by everyone. So, if you’re planning for a chicken party, this guide should help you.

Tips for Keeping Chicken Moist and Flavoursome


Marination is the key to getting a delicious chicken. In fact, marination helps the chicken to be moist and juicy when fried. When marinating the chicken, ensure to keep the marinade moist and seal the chicken for more than three hours. Even better, allow the marinated chicken to soak up overnight, especially in the case of grilled and fried chicken Castle Hill. It will help the chicken to absorb all the moisture from the marinade and while it cooks, it won’t lose the liquid content, keeping it tender and juicy.

Pound the Chicken

Pounding the chicken is an important step in keeping the chicken moist and flavoursome. It’s great for frying, grilling, and roasting chicken. However, it can be done only when using boneless chicken. Pounding helps to tenderise the piece and break down fibres in the meat. Also, it allows for faster cooking, preventing it from overcooking. Thus, it helps to keep the dish moist.

Don’t Over Cook

Don’t overcook the chicken as it will result in a rubbery texture. Besides, overcooking can dry out the chicken and it can become tasteless. If you aren’t aware of the right temperature at which you need to fry a chicken, use a thermometer to set the right temperature.

What to Serve with Fried Chicken at the Party?

You can serve

– Baked string beans

– Potato salad

– Mashed potatoes

– Macaroni and cheese

– Buttered carrots

– Sweet potato casserole

– Rice pilaf

– Roasted squash

– Summer cocktails

– Iced tea

– Citrus drinks

– Fruit salads and deserts

You can also serve dips for fried chicken to make it even more delicious.

Essentials for Serving and Clean Up

Choose the right party essentials for your fried chicken party. Place a trash can with a lid at a place where it can be accessed easily by your guest. Have disposable plates and spoons depending on the guest size. Also, have a lot of napkins and moist towels for cleaning the fingers.

If you can’t cook fried chicken and you want to enjoy your party with your friends and family, order from the chicken shop nearby your place. Most good restaurants in Castle Hill accommodate party needs.

The author is a blogger and chef working one of the Castle Hill restaurants- Wishbone Rotisserie. It is a family owned restaurant that provides juicy, delicious, fried chicken and burgers along with salads. Visit https://wishbonechicken.com.au/ for more details about fried chicken Castle Hill.



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