Adwords Agency Sydney Insights: Into Google’s Upcoming 3-Strikes Ad Policy

Google has announced that in the nearing September 2021, new restrictions will be placed on Housing, Employment, and Credit policies.

Google has announced that in the nearing September 2021, new restrictions will be placed on Housing, Employment, and Credit policies. These violations will be eyed specifically: dishonest marketing behaviour, unapproved health supplements, or the promotion of dangerous products or services.

With the recent rise and additions of Google Ad features, many advertisers come in with high hopes. Google ads agency Sydney experts have had their own experience with Google advertisements and their placements across the web.

As of recent selective placements, ads have become a boon for advertisers, allowing advertisers to choose where their ads go and stay clear from placements they don’t want to be in. Though the same Google ads agency Sydney experts that relish these updates will also explain these benefits, take a few steps back in the next update.

The new system which is recognised as the three-strike ad policy, according to Google ads Sydney experts, will fall under three steps depending on the prevalence of violations made. The first offence will come as a general “warning” but after the warning is when the strikes come to play.

According to Google ads Sydney experts, the first strike comes up when a violation is made within 90 days of the initial warning and comes in the form of a temporary hold on the advertising account for three days. This ultimately means that an advertisement that falls under the account does not run for those three days.

The second strike happens when the policies were violated again in the next 90 days after the first strike. Many Adwords agency Sydney experts note that the second strike calls for a longer time out than the first, which is a full seven day time out from the account.

While the first two strikes may seem just like timeouts, the third strike in the eyes of Google ads Sydney experts is when things turn intentional as it signifies a repeated violation of the same policy again within 90 days of the second strike.

The third strike is the ultimatum for Google ads agency Sydney experts when they undergo the violations, resulting in an infinite suspension of the account.

Adwords agency Sydney experts are noting these policies, especially how the evaluation of content is not limited to just ad copies but on the content listed in the accounts that make use of Google Ads features.

A general note for advertisers, though, when the policy comes into play is that whenever a strike or warning is issued, an email will notify the account and that strikes only apply if the same policy is violated over and over.

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