Aftercare Procedures for Dental Implant Treatment

Once you've decided that dental implants in Melbourne are correct for you, you might be anxious about the day of the operation.


Once you’ve decided that dental implants in Melbourne are correct for you, you might be anxious about the day of the operation. But it’s also a good idea to consider the aftercare for your dental implants treatment. Your dentist will give you advice on how to care for your mouth immediately after treatment. Here, we are about to discuss what to expect after implant placement and how to keep your dental implants and mouth safe after the dental implant treatment:

Will it bleed?

It’s common for minor bleeding to occur after dental implant placement. Your dentist can advise you to apply pressure to the area for an hour by biting firmly on a pad. After that, gently remove the pad. If required, repeat the procedure with a fresh gauze pad for another 30 minutes. If blood loss continues, bite down on a moistened tea bag for thirty minutes. Tea leaves contain tannic acid, which aids in blood clotting.

What should I do to help the healing process?

Stop rinsing your mouth after an implant treatment and do not try damage the surgical site with your tongue or fingers. By dislodging the blood clot that has formed, this can result in bleeding. Spit, suck on straws, or smoke are both prohibited. Blood clots may be dislodged, and the healing process may be slowed.

Would my face swell as a result of the procedure?

Following your procedure, you can experience swelling and/or bruising. Swelling will not appear until the day after surgery and will peak two to three days later. This is natural and can be alleviated by applying ice packs to the side of the face where the implants were put right away.

When do I take anti-inflammatories?

After receiving cheap dental implants in Melbourne, you are likely to feel only minor pain. Your dentist may recommend that you take your first dose of pain relievers before the anaesthetic wears off, and then take them daily for the first two days after your surgery at the maximum dose recommended.

Is it possible for me to attire my dentures post treatment?

Partially implanted dentures should not be worn right after surgery. If you have a denture that protects the implant region, you can wear it during the initial healing period to protect the implant site. If temporary replacement teeth are required during recovery, it’s important that they don’t put too much pressure on the implants.

Long-term assistance

Once your new implants and surrounding gums have healed and your permanent teeth have been installed, you must treat them as if they were natural teeth. Clean twice a day, floss once a day, and see the dentist and hygienist on a regular basis to keep your teeth and gums safe.

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