Animal Socks: Dress Up Fashionably With This Underrated Accessory

If there's one fall accessory that's vastly underappreciated, it's the sock—and no, we're not talking about your everyday no-show or workout socks. Instead, we're talking about those eye-catching statement-makers that will subtly catch anyone's attention: animal socks.

If there’s one fall accessory that’s vastly underappreciated, it’s the sock—and no, we’re not talking about your everyday no-show or workout socks. Instead, we’re talking about those eye-catching statement-makers that will subtly catch anyone’s attention: animal socks.

When the world discovered the joys of brightly coloured socks, the phrase “happy feet” took on new meaning. The dull blacks and browns have vanished. This is an era when lemon green socks with smileys or animal socks are appropriate school attire. With the clouds painting the city grey every morning, painting your socks with funny animal socks might not be such a bad idea.

As much as we enjoy wearing our favorite sneakers and heels on their own, there are times when we want to give them a visual boost. What better way to do so than with a cool pair of socks? And, with the animal socks trend only growing in popularity, it’s time to start wearing it.

Tips to make the animal socks Australia pop off

Choose your shoes with care.

Research shows that if you like quirky funny animal socks, you also like cool shoes. Shoes are the hardworking foot fashion partners that can really compliment your socks and help them stand out even more.

There aren’t many better ways to show off your unique funny animal socks pattern than with sandals that reveal so much. Cool sneakers, whether in neutral tones that allow your socks to shine through or in bold, colourful patterns that draw the eye down to the feet. Depending on your preferences, either can work.

Crazy socks with loafers for a more formal look also work. That’s a great way to jazz up work attire or add a thoughtful touch to an evening hangout with friends. Lastly, boots. For a playful, textured look, let a little color peek out between your nice autumn booties and cuffed jeans.

The cuter, crazy and bolder the socks are, the better.

Any statement look begins with a single piece that serves as the foundation for the rest of your outfit. When it comes to socks, animal socks Australia suppliers recommend being as fun and creative as possible. They’re low on your feet, partially hidden by shoes and pants, so they have to work extra hard to get your attention.

Simple outfit works

According to most animal socks Australia sellers, to make it stand out, the rest of your outfit should be toned down. Keeping the clothing and other accessories basic and balanced will make the cool socks stand out. Earthy colours, jeans, and wardrobe staples like classic T-shirts, sweaters, and button downs never go out of style. There are days when wearing bright, eye-catching clothing all over feels great, but keep in mind that no single item can stand out if they are all equally bold.

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