Are You Going Solar? Here’s What You Need to Know

Converting your house or office to solar power is a big decision for most property owners.


Converting your house or office to solar power is a big decision for most property owners. In fact, it could be a big step as it involves a significant investment. But, when you do it, you’ll be able to make all the difference in producing your own energy. Solar energy is nothing new. It’s here, and most Australian homeowners have installed solar panels in the roofs and reaping the benefits of producing their own energy. In Australia, there have been over 1.4 million residential solar systems installed over the past 15 years.

Solar is becoming an increasingly popular option for many good reasons, and if you want to go solar, there are certain things you need to consider so that you can make the most of your Solar Panels Cannington.

Know Your Energy Needs

If you’re considering solar energy for your business or house, it is essential to take a look at your energy usage. A residential solar panel system can generate electricity when sunlight hits the panels during the daytime. Without battery storage, you can’t use the energy at night. So, it’s essential to understand your energy needs before installing one in your house. Of course, there are solar batteries and inverters where you can store the energy produced by the panels. However, knowing your energy needs can help you find the right solar system.

On average, how much energy you are using in your house or office. Would you be using the electricity generated by the panels during the day or night? When you know the energy needs of your office or house, it would be handy to estimate the size of the system you’d need to meet your energy needs and understand the potential savings you could make.

Check Your Roof

It is a must to check the condition of your roof before installing the Solahart Cannington. Some roofs provide a better return than others. If your roof isn’t maintained well, it’s important to fix the roof before going solar. Also, the angle of the panels is crucial. Usually, it’s ideal if the panels are facing north or northwest and not blocked by trees and shades from other buildings. While some roof angles work better than others, all type of roof receives enough light for producing energy by the solar panels. Even if your roof isn’t angled directly towards the sun, you can still place the solar system and reap its benefits.

Find the Reliable Solar Panels Installers Cannington

Solar panels are expected to last for more than 25years. So, it’s important to choose an experienced, reputed, and licensed installer who provides guaranteed service. So, just don’t look at the hardware, check the installer and supplier as well. Get quotes from different suppliers and compare the prices. Always purchase the solar system from an accredited Clean Energy Council installer.

Generate your own energy and step into the clean and green future. Please get in touch with us for further queries.

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