Automatic Gates in Perth – All You Need to Know

As one of the most important elements in the security of your home, automatic gates Perth plays an integral role in making sure that your family and property are safe and secure.


As one of the most important elements in the security of your home, automatic gates Perth plays an integral role in making sure that your family and property are safe and secure. That’s why it’s so important to do your research before you purchase automatic gates in Perth. This article will walk you through all you need to know about automatic gates in Perth.

1) Automatic Sliding Gate Basics

Automatic gates are made up of several components. These include hinges, rollers, motors and sensors. Hinges connect one side of your gate to another, which will allow it to open and close. Rollers are located on both sides of your gate post, which help transfer force from your motor throughout your gate. Motors move your gate around once an appropriate signal is received by sensors that are installed around your property. Sensors can detect how wide or high a thing is as well as whether or not there’s any obstruction in its path. An obstruction could be anything such as a person, animal or car. As long as no such obstruction exists within the range of your sensor, you’ll be able to open and close your automatic gate with ease smoothly. It’s worth noting that safety measures should always be put in place prior to allowing anyone to use an automatic gate via remote control or manually through its crank handle if your gate isn’t connected to the power supply.

2) Automatic Sliding Gate Benefits

• Automatic sliding gates are an automated door that slides open and closed automatically based on a time schedule.

• They’re operated with remote control, which you can purchase separately or get in a kit.

• It operates at a continuous and smooth speed and hence allows easy and unhindered traffic flow. The same cannot be said about manual gates as they tend to stop and start frequently.

• It enhances visual appeal and adds value to your property.

• They are built with durability and functionality in mind.

• Smaller properties greatly benefit from installing automatic sliding gates in Perth Since this type of gate takes up less space.

3) Automatic Sliding Gate Installation

The automatic sliding gates make it easier for all kinds of vehicles, including those with low ground clearance, to pass through smoothly. However, these gates are often more complex than swing gates, so you should hire experts for installation if you have no prior experience with automatic gates. There are different types of sliders on offer, which include bi-folding, accordion-style and rolling doors. In order to install any of these, you will need custom materials such as cable reels, gearboxes or motors. These can generally be purchased from Perth irrigation supplies suppliers, while some may need electrical permits before being installed. Some applications will require additional equipment, while others can get by without them entirely based on your specific needs.


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