Avoid These Mistakes When Getting a Haircut

Getting a new haircut can be exciting as it can completely change your look and give you more confidence.


Getting a new haircut can be exciting as it can completely change your look and give you more confidence. As exciting as it is, it can sometimes be overwhelming, right from choosing the right haircut that suits your hair type and face to the hair salon North Shore. Its’ easy to overlook certain crucial things when getting a haircut. While a trendy haircut gives you a modern look, a bad haircut can negatively impact your appearance and make things worse. So, if you’re planning for a hairdo, avoid these mistakes as shared by the best hairdresser in North Shore.

Not Bringing the Pictures of the Haircut

This’s one of the common mistakes people make when getting a haircut. Of course, there are many ways to explain the haircut you need. But, nothing describes it as a visual reference. Photo is the easiest way to get the exact haircut or colouring you’re looking for and it also gives the stylist a blueprint for making it right for you. With a visual reference, the stylist can tell you whether or not the haircut will suit your face and hair type. In addition, it can be quite confusing to describe a hair colour or a super-technical cutting.

Not Considering the Texture of Your Hair

It’s important to consider the texture and type of hair before switching the style, which is often overlooked. If you’ve voluminous hair and you’re eyeing on a layered cut, it won’t look good and make for too much volume. Get recommendations from your North Shore hairdresser, listen to what they’re suggesting to you, and consider their opinion as well when you’re going for a new haircut. Hairdressers are well-trained, knowledgeable and understand the different types of hair and their texture and predict the outcome of a hairdo.

Ignoring Your Face Shape

Certain hairstyles suit only a particular face shape. Please understand that not all hairdos suits all face shapes. Bobs might be suitable for your friend or your favourite model but that doesn’t it has to suit you as well, and it necessarily doesn’t have to. That’s why it’s important to consider the shape of your face while planning to get a new hairdo.

Not Speaking Up

Of course, you don’t have to be that nagging customer. But, you can’t walk around with a haircut that you don’t want. Speak up when something goes wrong. If you’re worried about something, it’s nothing wrong with voicing out your opinions and concerns. A good hairstylist will ensure that all goes the way as you want. The more questions you ask, the more information you can gather.

There you are; try to avoid these mistakes when planning to get a new hairdo. When done right, nothing is as refreshing as a new haircut.

The author is a hairdresser working in the best hair salon in North Shore. He is specialised in modern and classic haircuts, blowdrys, and the latest colour collections. Visit https://royalshair.com.au/ for more details.



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