BMW i3 Charging: The Ultimate Guide

Already a highly successful and iconic electric car, BMW has revamped their compact i3 to add additional range.


Already a highly successful and iconic electric car, BMW has revamped their compact i3 to add additional range. BMW’s i3 is one of the most popular EVs that comes with a styling refresh has seen a sharper design come through, plus the introduction of a sportier BMW i3s variant. The wonderfully designed BMW i3 is available with a 120Ah (or 42.2kWh) battery which offers a WLTP range of 191 miles. During its time in production, two battery upgrades have seen the range increase up to 186 miles on a charge. If you use a rapid public charger to charge your BMW i3 120Ah, you can charge the battery to 80% in about 36 minutes. And, using a dedicated home BMW charging station, it takes six hours to charge your car.

BMW i3 Charging Station and Charger Type

BMW i3 – The German marque is going long on electric vehicles! With their commitment to electrify all models over the coming years, BMW’s electric future is bright. BMW i3 charger type; Models made prior to 2018 employ a Type 1 EV plug. To keep the car charged and versatile, a home EV charger is essential. Did you know the BMW i3 can charge at a speed of 7 kW per hour? With its small petrol engine fitted to give EV drivers some extra peace of mind on longer journeys, BMW offers drivers the choice of a pure EV or the option of a range extender (REX).

BMW i3 EV Charger – 7 kW EV Charger

1. 40km /hour

2. Installation Required

3. 5 Hours to Charge

Factors That May Vary the Charging Time

1. As the maximum charge is reached, the charging rates decrease

2. Lower and upper and charge restrictions to prolong the battery life and protect it from possible damage.

3. The energy loads in the vehicle

4. The ambient temperature

Where to Buy Your BMW i3 EV Charger?

For the quality BMW i3 EV Charger, you can seek the help of EVSE Australia since they are Australia’s number one supplier of BMW i3 EV Charger.

1. They understand your BMW

2. They provide professional Installation across Australia by accredited installers.

3. Their BMW EV charger compatible with every electric vehicle

4. Industry-leading warranties as standard

The Bottom Line

The bold styling, zippy performance and go-kart handling of the BMW i3 make this car so fun and popular with its owners. However, to enjoy the full benefits of the BMW i3, it is essential to buy BMW i3 charging stations at the right place.

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