Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom renovation is a major undertaking, requiring proper planning. You might be inspired by bathroom designs that are trending on social media.


Bathroom renovation is a major undertaking, requiring proper planning. You might be inspired by bathroom designs that are trending on social media. But will that bathroom design suit your lifestyle? Can you afford it? It is easy to get lost in your bathroom renovation project if there’s no proper planning and budgeting.

You wouldn’t want to halt your bathroom remodelling project in the middle due to insufficient funds. Of course, custom bathroom renovations are expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be necessarily an expensive project when you have clever ideas and tricks to make it successful. To help you, we have pulled together a list of affordable bathroom renovation ideas that doesn’t need more space or cash to make a big impact.

Paint Wooden Floor

If your bathroom has wooden floors, you could rip it out and replace it with more moisture-resistant flooring such as tile or paint it with protective enamel. Either way, it won’t cost you more, especially if you have a small bathroom. Solid hardwood shouldn’t be your first choice for bathroom flooring. But, if you have one, painting the wooden floor is one of the low-cost ways to keep them around for a long period.

Install a New Sink Faucet

Installing a new sink faucet is one of the clever ideas to make a big impact on your bathroom without replacing the entire vanity or counter top when it comes to bathroom remodelling. Choose a sink that is stylish and functional. When compared to the cost of replacing the entire vanity, spending for a good sink won’t cost you much.

Update Fixtures

Look at the details in your bathroom. Aren’t they dull and boring? You can update the light fixtures, towel racks, cabinets, mirrors, and drawer. These items might seem insignificant, but they are a relatively small investment and updating them can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s look. You always don’t have to buy expensive towel racks. You could reuse your old plumbing, and it will look cool, giving an industrial feel to the bathroom.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

This is one of the major aspects of bathroom renovation that will cost you more. You should resist the urge to move major plumbing and save money by leaving the toilet and bathing facilities as such unless there’s a major problem.

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