Bus Advertising Tips for Better Reach

Do you know bus advertising is the most seen advertising medium? While digital marketing is taking the promotion of a business to the next level, outdoor advertising strategies like bus advertising is still effective.


Do you know bus advertising is the most seen advertising medium? While digital marketing is taking the promotion of a business to the next level, outdoor advertising strategies like bus advertising is still effective. There’s something powerful and magical about bus advertising as it helps to reach wider audiences in different geographical locations compared to other advertising mediums.

Your potential target audience mightn’t be able to ignore your advertisements by changing the channels or skipping the ads like they do when watching something on TV or on the internet. It’s quite impossible to ignore the ads as they could be right in front of them throughout their journey. That’s the power of bus advertisement.

Here are a few tips and tricks for advertising on the bus effectively:-

Find Your Audience

This is one of the first steps in making the most of your bus advertising. To whom you are advertising? Is your potential customer teenagers? Adults? Or senior adults? It’s of utmost importance to know the age group and knowing about your audience.

Select the Right Route

5Where are they travelling daily? Once you find your target audience and you have to figure out where they are travelling daily. Certain factors contribute to picking the routes for advertising your product or service. When you know about your audience and find out their routes to workplace, shopping centres, etc., you could work to locate the right routes to advertise and create brand awareness.

If you’re advertising locally with the goal of driving people to your brand, it’s best to advertise on routes close by or even on the vehicles that pass your business. Try to maximise the visibility of the ads by choosing the bus routes that are busy, has more commercial centres, and in highly populated areas to build brand awareness locally. When you find the right bus routes to get exposure to your target audience, it will help your marketing goals reach their full potential.

Choose the Right Location on the Bus

When it comes to advertising on the bus, there are a lot of location options. However, the goal of your advertisement and the type of your target audience will determine where you can put your ad, making it reachable to your potential customers. There are specific areas on the bus that helps to attract more audience. Certain type of advertisements suits on the side of the bus. Side banners placed on the side of a bus visible to the heads of the crowd can help reach wider audiences.

On the other hand, T-side banners are the visual piece of this type of ad type that attracts many passengers attention. The rear side of the bus is also a great place to place your ads. Bus advertising cost can vary according to the place and size of your ads.

When done right, there’s no better way to attract the audience and boost your sales than bus advertising. For the best bus advertising rates and more ideas on bus advertising, please get in touch with us.

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