Causes for Yellow Teeth and How to Whiten Them

Are your teeth looks yellow? Do you want to improve your smile?


Are your teeth looks yellow? Do you want to improve your smile? It’s best to start by assessing your whitening requirements and objectives by looking at the colour of your teeth as well as any habits or other factors that may have contributed to discoloration. You can seek the advice of affordable dentist in Melbourne before undergoing teeth whitening procedure. Here, we have mentioned a few factors that make your teeth yellow.


Some high-tannin foods, such as red wine, can trigger yellow teeth. Drinking drinks like coffee, soda, and wine are some of the most common causes of tooth discoloration. These chemicals penetrate the teeth’s enamel, causing long-term discoloration.


Smoking is one of the leading causes of yellow teeth, and the stains left behind can be difficult to remove. Smokers, on the other hand, will whiten their teeth by stopping smoking, practising a full oral care regimen that includes twice-daily tooth brushing and flossing, and using the right teeth-whitening items.


Yellow teeth can also be caused by medical problems or drugs. Chemotherapy for head and neck cancer patients may cause yellowing or staining of the teeth. Yellow teeth can also be caused by some prescription drugs, such as those for asthma and high blood pressure.

Poor Oral Hygiene

One of the causes of yellow teeth is poor oral hygiene, but even the most attentive brushers and flossers may grow discoloured teeth as they age.


Excessive fluoride exposure, particularly in children, is another cause of yellow teeth.

If some of the causes of yellow teeth have left you dissatisfied with your smile, whitening products are available. Consider the causes of yellow teeth when planning your teeth whitening strategy, but consult your dentist first and closely follow all directions.

Teeth whitening

How to Whiten Yellow Teeth? There are some recovery choices to explore once you’ve decided to invest in a whiter, healthier face. There are a number of ways to say goodbye to yellow teeth and achieve the ideal white smile, whitening strips, gels, toothpastes, and rinses. Here is certain general information about both choices to assist you in making an informed decision.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening in Melbourne involve applying a bleaching agent directly to your teeth at your dentist’s office. To improve the bleach’s efficiency, special lights or lasers can be used. You can need one or more treatments ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the condition of your yellow teeth.

Counter whitening strips and gels, all of which use peroxide centred whitening gel, are available for at-home teeth whitening. Initial findings can take as little as a few days and can last up to a year for goods. These options are less expensive. It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to whitening yellow teeth. There are so many ways to whiten yellow teeth that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Whatever you choose, speaking with your dentist in Melbourne about your yellow teeth before beginning a whitening programme is always a good idea.

The author of this article is an affordable dentist in Melbourne who offers teeth whitening treatment to his patients. In this article, he has mentioned a few causes for yellow teeth and how to whiten them. Visit



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