Cloud PBX: Your Cost-Efficient Phone System

In today’s modern businesses, answering potential buyers or customers is one key that has a big impact on business.

In today’s modern businesses, answering potential buyers or customers is one key that has a big impact on business. This allows for the buyers or customers to build confidence in buying your products. Once the trust is established, then these people will be repeat customers. Having repeat customers builds your reputation as a good seller. Word of mouth is more powerful than any advertising campaign, so as a business owner, this should be one of your goals.

Everything is connected to the internet. Most of the information is stored in what we call the “cloud”. Even phone calls are now connected to the internet though there are still some businesses that rely on the traditional wired or location-bound phones, most of them have started to migrate their system to cloud-based phone applications. As you go on and do some research on the Internet, you will get tons of results about the best cloud based phone system for small business.

How Does This System Work?

Most people nowadays send their queries via phone calls, email or chat. However, they come in together and you will be overwhelmed as to which of them should be answered first. With that, an advanced and effective cloud based business phone system will help you to identify which is which. It allows for the calls to come in and be connected to the next available person within the right department. If all of the team members are busy, the call will be placed in the queue.

The best part of this system is that as a business owner, you will be able to see how productive and efficient your people are. It allows you to see the hold time, average handling time, and even the idle time. Of course, you don’t want to have a high idle time because that would simply mean that your business might not be doing well or at least, the team’s performance could be improved.

It would also be helpful for businesses to use a cloud PBX or cloud PABX. Instead of getting another phone plan for your business, a cloud hosted pbx will be more cost efficient. This is a business-grade telephone network allowing you to reach people within and outside your organization, just as a traditional phone system. However, it’s different from the traditional location bound, residential or cellular phones as you’re often only charged for each of the features you will be using. And instead of using dedicated copper or other lines, everything that happens is through the internet.

Essentially, a cloud PBX functions as your decentralised communication medium or communication hub in your office. Instead of locally programming and setting up voice groups, hunting lines, call forwarding, and call extensions in the server, that you maintain on your premises, a cloud PBX will do it for you via a web portal provided by your communications company. Upgrades, innovations and maintenance are no longer your worry, as these are also executed on the cloud PBX provider’s level.

Interesting Isn’t It?

Of course, it is! So start migrating your communications system to a cloud-based phone system now. You can never go wrong with this system as this was built to help businesses grow more, faster and the infrastructure is built on the accumulative knowledge and experience build over years, across a multitide of businesses. This is one of the secrets that a fast-growing company has.

The author is a provider of an intelligent cloud crm combined with a business phone system for the business of all size. No matter what size of your business, you have the same technology as the big enterprises, professional call & contact centres and support & sales desks on a pay-as-you-go basis. Visit for more details.



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