Common Pool Problems and Solutions

It is great to have your own pool; you can swim anytime and enjoy swimming with your kids and furry friends. But, problems can arise when you don’t take care of your pool properly.


It is great to have your own pool; you can swim anytime and enjoy swimming with your kids and furry friends. But, problems can arise when you don’t take care of your pool properly. Fortunately, most pool problems can be fixed right pool supplies without calling professionals. However, periodical pool maintenance is crucial to keep the pool in good shape and avoid expensive pool problems. Have you experienced any pool problems recently? Don’t fret. Educating yourself about the common pool problems can help you make informed decisions.

Green Water

When was the last time you had tested the chlorine level in your pool? You don’t remember, right? If your pool is looking in a lovely shade of green, probably you must have grown great algae in your swimming pool. It’s likely that you’ve skipped testing the water, and the pool’s chlorine levels have dropped below the requirement to prevent the growth of algae.

Algae isn’t something uncommon when it comes to swimming pools, but they are avoidable. With regular cleaning and proper sanitisation, you can avoid green water. It’s time to shock your pool with a large dose of the best pool chlorinator in Australia A normal pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6, and aim for these numbers to keep your pool looking clean and crystal and avoid algae growth.

Dirty Filter

Swimming pools should be checked regularly to make sure every part is working well, and the water is healthy to swim in. The filter won’t work properly if it’s dirty. If the filter is working, but you could see green or cloudy water, probably it’s because of the dirty filter. Test the water and have the filters checked. A pool filter can get dirty due to heavy pool use and environmental conditions. You have to clean your pool with a pool brush if there are pollen or tree leaves and twigs fall into the pool frequently. Dust and dirt can affect the quality of the pool water. All these factors can affect the filter’s efficiency. Check the filters regularly and replace them whenever necessary.


Cracks in your pool indicate an underlying problem with the structure of the pool. A crack in the foundation of the pool can lead to a hell lot of problems if not fixed at the right time. Identify what caused the crack. It’s usually best to seek professional advice as DIY fix won’t help fix foundational problems.

Stains and Discolouration

There’s nothing as annoying as looking at a dirty pool after hours of cleaning. If you’ve encountered this problem, stains and coloured spots are the culprits. Pools can be stained from various sources, including dirt, dust, leaves, sedimentation, rusted pipes, manganese, and algae. A stain remover should help remove the stains.

Irritation after Swimming

Are you experiencing an irritation or burning sensation after swimming? If so, you’ve got some problems to deal with. This happens because of pH imbalance. Make sure to balance the pH levels in your pool between 7.2 and 7.6.

Most of the pool can be resolved by yourself. If you can’t fix it, please get professional advice. For further queries on the best price pool supplies, please get in touch with us. We offer a range of pool supplies at a competitive price.

With over 15 years of collective experience within the pool industry, the author provides premium pool supplies at warehouse prices to maintain and have a clean and healthy swimming pool. Visit for more details about the best price pool supplies.



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