Consider these things before renovating your bathroom

It's tempting to rush out to a bathroom showroom and buy your dream fixtures once you've decided on remodeling. Most of the time, it will cost you more than what is needed. That is why it's important to check out the different bathroom renovation packages


Bathrooms are the most popular remodelling projects among homeowners. Because the area is smaller, the job is a little easier one. To make your bathroom renovations Sydney more appealing while keeping the process smooth, fast, and cost-effective, follow these ideas.

There Will Be A Recess If There Isn’t Enough Room

When space is at a premium, built-ins such as recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and even toilet roll holders can squeeze the most out of small bathrooms. You can even change your ceiling light into a recessed light to make it more flat.

Bathroom Ventilation

Every bathroom must have some form of ventilation, whether it’s a correctly sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan. Examine both the exhaust capacity (and how many cubic feet of air per minute they can move) and the noise levels of bathroom fans.

Plants Are A Great Way to Bring Life to a Room

Bathroom plants should not be an afterthought. In antiseptic bathrooms, plants add much-needed colour. Consider installing a floating shelf specifically for the aim of providing a comfy home for your trailing plants.

Choose the Best Flooring

Solid wood floors, while adding character to bathrooms, are not the most practical sort of flooring for bathrooms. Choose flooring that is durable enough to withstand the rigours of everyday bathroom use. Ceramic and porcelain tile, luxury vinyl plank, vinyl tiles, and sheet vinyl flooring are all popular choices for bathroom flooring.

Change the Size of the Room by Changing the Colour

Make sure your colour palette stays in the white-or-light colour spectrum to make a small bathroom appear larger. Dark hues make the room feel tight and narrow. Fixtures should be white or light-coloured (i.e., toilet and bathtub). Always think hard about painting your bathroom ceiling anything other than white or off-white, since this will further decrease the space.

Bathroom Lighting Is Important

Lighting is frequently dim and concentrated exclusively in one location in a space where people need to visually evaluate their hair and features, such as from a ceiling fixture. At the absolute least, use sconces to illuminate the area surrounding the bathroom mirror. However, bright light isn’t always desirable. A dimmer switch is a relatively basic item that can bring atmosphere to your bathroom. The dimmer switch is ideal for late-night soaks in the tub.

Add Pieces That Stand Alone

Many house decorators recommend having one freestanding piece, such as a beautiful chair or a cabinet, as a design feature if room allows. To make up for the lost space, you can tuck other useful items away, such as clothes hampers, or just relocate the hamper to another room. Of course, this ornamental piece can also be used as a storage space for towels, soaps, and other small objects.

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