Cost-Effective Painting Projects That Will Give Your Home a Facelift

Is your home looking old that needs to be turned from drab to fab? Or, your home is looking a little out-dated and needs a small makeover?


Is your home looking old that needs to be turned from drab to fab? Or, your home is looking a little out-dated and needs a small makeover? It can be quite expensive to remodel your house completely, which many of us can’t afford. That said, it doesn’t have to be expensive to transform your old looking home into a new and bright space. Making a few improvements like painting can bring the spark back to your house. Yes, painting is one of the best ways to revamp your house without investing thousands of dollars.

You don’t have to rip the floors, change the kitchen countertops, and replace the furniture. In fact, you don’t have to pay attention to every single thing that needs improvement. Some simple fixes can be done to enhance the look of your home. Why not paint smaller items in your home? It’s indeed a good idea. If you want to give your home a good refresh, these simple painting ideas will go a long way.


The Hallway is often an overlooked spot in a home. But, it is one of the best places that can change the atmosphere of a home. When painted with lighter shades, it can help create a dramatic space, while darker shades help to make a small room bigger. However, it is essential to choose colours wisely. Whites, creams, and light pastels work wonders as they create a bigger illusion. Avoid warm tones and darker shades as it will make the hallway look smaller. Get help from our house painters Sydney to choose the right shades that suit the decor of your hallway.

Front Doors

A front door is the focal point of any house. If your front door is dull or just needs a simple makeover, painting can help enhance the appearance of your front doors. A brightly coloured front door is one of the best ways to draw attention to your house, making it more inviting. To get the most of your front door painting project, remove the door, sand down and fix the dents and scratches before painting. However, it is essential to choose a paint colour that matches not only your home’s exterior but also architectural elements. However, don’t hesitate to paint your front doors with bold shades. For better results, get colour consultation from the painters Sydney for the best results.

Add Accent Walls

Adding an accent wall to any room is one of the best ways to enhance of the appearance of any space and create a dramatic look. Choose contrast colours when painting the accent walls that coordinates with the interior decors, colours, and furniture.

Spruce Up the Ceilings

Don’t forget to improve the look of your ceilings. Just paint ceilings with an accent colour to create contrast and depth in a bedroom.

Paint the Stairs

Yes, glam the stairs with striking colours that match your decors to pull off the design together in your house. A stairwell is the first thing you’ll see when you walk into a house. So, why not give your house a little makeover? It is worth painting the stairs.

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