Creating Your Own Bathroom Design

The personalisation of your bathroom design includes size, design and style.

The personalisation of your bathroom design includes size, design and style. Think carefully about what you like and dislike about the current bathroom before you dive into the bathroom renovation packages Sydney companies are offering.

Constructing a better bath isn’t just gratification; it’s also a clever idea. Adding a second full bath to a one-bath house or remodeling an existing bath is one of the best home improvement investments you can make.

Here are some of the questions you can ask before contacting a bathroom renovators Sydney experts:

• Do you want all new fixtures or just a whirlpool tub to replace your old one?

• Do you want a bath that you don’t have to share with the kids, or do you want a drab powder room or guest bath?

• Do you require more space in the master bath, or simply a more savvy floor plan that allows two people to share the room more comfortably?

• Is there sufficient counter and storage space?

• Are you sick of the out-of-date color scheme you’ve been using since you moved in?

Sit down with family members and discuss what current issues you want the new bathroom to address. Even young children can have valuable insights, and the more involved everyone is, the more they will buy into the process.

Once you’ve decided what you want to change, start looking for solutions that appeal to you. Examine home design and decorative books and magazines, and mark or photocopy pages that show bathroom designs and products that you like. You can also get ideas by visiting the many websites that sell bath design products or by window shopping in your local home improvement store’s bath design center or department.

Then, create a scrapbook of ideas, photos, and product catalogs to help the bathroom renovation company Sydney professionals you hire understand your preferences and needs.

Unless you’re planning the most basic of redecorations, you should consult with bath design professionals about what you need and want. ­ Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about how you and your family live and how you intend to use the space when you interview with them.

At the end of this, your contractor will accompany you through the project with a punch list to ensure that every detail has been addressed as agreed. Reputable professionals will want to ensure that you are happy to sign off on the job and make the final payment. After all, they want you to provide that glowing recommendation for their next prospective client!

A beautiful bathroom like this one necessitates meticulous planning from both you and your contractor. Take the time to ask questions and go over every detail to ensure you get the bath of your dreams.

The author is working at a recognised company offering bathroom renovations Sydney for various clients. He has worked on a number of bathroom renovation projects for homes. Visit for more information.



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