Debunking Common Misconceptions about Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claims

Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences, causing many people to suffer severe injuries and death in the worst cases.


Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences, causing many people to suffer severe injuries and death in the worst cases. While slip accidents occur in various settings, the result is the same.

Victims of slip and fall injuries suffer severe ramifications such as lost wages, pain, lost earning potential, medical bills, and mental trauma. In most cases, slip and fall happen accidentally, the damages can be sometimes be caused by the negligence of the company and liable parties. Despite it, only a few victims file a personal injury and ask for compensation. This is due to some misleading information about slip and fall injury cases. So, we, personal injury law firm Rio Rancho nm, have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about personal injury claims so that victims can make informed decisions:-

Myth #1

Quick Settlement is Good for Both Parties

Indeed a myth! The majority of slip and fall injury claims are handled outside between both parties. However, it doesn’t mean that an immediate offer is in your favor. You should never accept the first offer from the insurance company right after your injury because they don’t act in your interest and try to reduce your compensation than you truly deserve. Often, slip and fall victims underestimate their injury and realize that they’re more hurt than anticipated. This makes them understand they’ve signed up for less settlement. Consult a personal injury attorney in Rio Rancho before accepting your insurance company’s settlement.

Myth 2#

Property Owners are Responsible for Any Spill

Well, this’s not necessarily true. Victims of spill injury should prove that the owner is aware that the spill was there and had an opportunity to clean it up. For example, if you slip on a spilled liquid in a grocery store and there was a warning sign not to use the area until further notice, then the owners can go a long way to protect themselves, and more important, it’s not their fault. That said, it’s the responsibility of the owner to keep the people safe. Signs like “enter at your own risk” or generalized statement isn’t acceptable.

Myth #3

You Can’t Claim if the Owner is Unaware of the Danger

This’s one of the major misleading information about the slip and fall injury claims. It’s the owner’s responsibility for injuries and can be made to pay damages as long as the person should have known the existence of a dangerous situation inside the premises.

Myth #4

You Don’t Need an Attorney

A personal injury attorney in Rio Rancho can help you know your options, guide you on the right path, make sure your rights are protected, fight for the compensation you truly deserve, and, more importantly, act on your interest. You’ll need to consult personal injury or car accident lawyers in Rio Rancho in any personal injury claims.

Don’t get misled by such false information. Only an attorney will be able to tell whether you’re eligible to file your claim or not. A qualified and experienced personal injury attorney will have the resources and desire to take your case and work towards getting true value for your sufferings and pain.

The author is a personal injury attorney in Rio Rancho who works in a reputed personal injury law firm. If you or a family member has been injured due to medical malpractice, the lawyers at the Lucero Law Office will guide you through the legal process and handle the details of your claim. Visit for more details.



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