Debunking Common Myths about Solar Panels

More and more Aussies are realising the importance of going solar and its benefits to both the environment and property owners.


More and more Aussies are realising the importance of going solar and its benefits to both the environment and property owners. In fact, many Australians are coming forward to install Solar Panels Cannington in their homes.

According to leading research, solar energy is the Australians’ most preferred source of energy, and about 75% of Aussies consider it their top three preferred sources of energy. However, while solar energy is the rapidly growing industry that’s revolutionising energy use, there are many myths about solar panels preventing property owners from going solar. So, we are debunking some of the most common myths about solar panels:-

Myth #1

Going Solar Is Expensive

Solar is only for rich people – indeed a myth. Solar isn’t for rice people alone. Anyone can go for it. Going solar is an affordable option, especially when you consider the factors that how you will save on your monthly energy bills and forever. Solar panels provide you with a quick return on investment, even if you have paid with a loan. This is because at some point, you longer have to pay anything from your side, and you will be producing your energy, making your home energy independent. With practical innovations such as solar batteries and inverters for storing energy produced by solar panels, you’ll typically be off the grid.

Myth #2

Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance

Indeed a myth. Solar Cannington panels require zero maintenance. Since solar panels are installed at an angle, they will be cleaned off naturally when it rains. However, every once in a while, you need to hose them down to remove debris, dirt, and dust from the panels and schedule maintenance once a year for optimal performance.

Myth #3

Solar Panels Can Harm the Roof

No! Solahart panel installation is safe and it doesn’t harm the roof when done correctly. In fact, in many cases, solar panels extend the life of a roof. It’s vital to let the trained and experienced solar panel professionals install the panels as they know to address any type of roof with certain techniques, specific materials, and tools to maintain roof integrity and prevent leaks during the installation.

Myth #4

Solar Panels Won’t Work When It Is Cloudy

While this is a rare concern in Australia, the fact is solar panels work great even in cloudy climates like Germany. Not to mention Germany is the world’s leading per capita in producing solar energy. Any sunlight that hits the solar panel is converted into electricity. The production of energy doesn’t fall when the climate is cloudy. Solar panels will continue to produce energy even with minimal sunlight.

Do you want to know more truth and benefits of solar panels? Please get in touch with us. We can help you know more about solar energy and choose the right solar system for your energy needs.

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