Debunking Common Myths about TMJ Disorder

Probably you’re diagnosed with TMJ disorder and wondering what’s TMJ and how to treat it. Well, you’re not alone.


Probably you’re diagnosed with TMJ disorder and wondering what’s TMJ and how to treat it. Well, you’re not alone.

There is a joint called the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) right in front of the year, helping to perform various activities, including speaking, laughing, eating, drinking, and yawning. When the muscles in these joint get damaged or overused, it can become problematic. This condition is referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. If it’s left untreated, it can cause severe pain, lockjaws, headaches, chronic migraines, tinnitus, earaches, and other complications. Fortunately, tmj treatment Albuquerque exists that helps to ease the symptoms and provide great relief.

While millions of Americans suffer from TMJ disorder, only a few have the right information as there are lots of myths about the disorder. So, we, tmj specialist Albuquerque, have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about TMJ disorder so that you can make the right decisions:-

Myth #1: TMJ Disorders are Caused by Accident

While many Americans are diagnosed with TMJ disorder after an accident, it may also be caused by misaligned teeth and bite, stress, arthritis, and teeth grinding. Your dentist will consider your past medical history and analyze it thoroughly before identifying the cause and creating a customized treatment plan to ease the symptoms.

Myth #2: There’s no Treatment for TMJ Disorders

Indeed a myth! Contrary to what you’ve heard, TMJ disorders are not permanent, and can be treated. A tmj dentist in Albuquerque can find the cause of TMJ disorder, help treat the underlying condition (if any), and then find the appropriate treatment that suits your needs and help alleviate the symptoms. For example, treating arthritis and a misaligned bite can all help to treat the complications associated with the TMJ disorder. On the other hand, TMJ disorder is caused by trauma or accident, you might be advised to undergo a surgical procedure to realign your upper and lower jaw. TMJ disorders triggered by anxiety, stress, and teeth grinding can be treated by medication and therapy.

Myth #3: TMJ Disorders are Harmless

This’s one of the most common misconceptions about TMJ disorder. Of course, TMJ disorders aren’t life-threatening conditions. But, it doesn’t mean it has to be ignored and left untreated. Without proper treatment, TMJ disorder can wreak havoc on your oral and overall health, reducing the quality of life. In addition, if your TMJ disorder was due to bruxism, there’s a high chance that you’ll suffer from tooth decay and tooth loss.

You don’t have to suffer from radiating pain due to TMJ disorder. Please visit your dentist right away and get treated.

The author is a blogger and the best dentist in Albuquerque. Along with the team of professionals, he provides a range of dental services, including tmj treatment Albuquerque that is designed to improve patient’s health and smile. Visit for more details.



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