Debunking the common Myths about TV Advertisement

In today’s digital era, businesses now have more mediums to promote their brand than ever before. Yet, businesses still get back to TV advertising.


In today’s digital era, businesses now have more mediums to promote their brand than ever before. Yet, businesses still get back to TV advertising. Even big brands turn to TV advertisements for good reasons. TV has evolved and offers many opportunities for businesses of all sizes to promote their brand in different ways with high reach.

Also, the rise of connected TV provides a plethora of advertising possibilities. That said, many brands believe that TV advertisement is meant only for brand-building campaigns and can’t be used for performance marketing due to some misleading information on the web and by some advertisers and agencies.

So, let’s get the facts straight instead of believing the myths to make the most of TV advertising:-

Myth #1 TV Ads Are Just For Branding

Indeed misleading information. Television is as effective and performs well as any other marketing medium provided if it’s done right. It has the unique ability to expand the top of the funnel at a guaranteed scale, attracting customers and driving trackable sales. Branding and performance don’t travel together, and marketers need to consider both when using TV advertising to achieve their marketing goals.

Myth #2 TV Ads Are Expensive

From local stations to national networks, there’s a range of cost-effective options to suit all types of budgets. In fact, many companies offer the best tv advertising rates. When compared to the ROI of TV advertisement, you shouldn’t be concerned about TV advertising rates as they pay back quickly like all other advertising channels. You will be missing out on a big opportunity if you’re worried about the rates. In most cases, you would be surprised to learn that you could actually advertise in TV series for lesser money than you think. A study claims that broadcaster ads are 20% cheaper than YouTube advertising.

Myth #3 TV Ads Don’t Provide a Good ROI

Studies show that TV ads are the best way to profit. Yes, the study also claimed that TV is the most cost-effective form of advertising, capable of generating about 71% profit with a short-term of profit rate 62% compared to other mediums.

Myth #4 TV Ads Can’t be Optimised

TV ads can’t be monitored, and optimised is indeed a myth. With smart tools, tv advertising agencies can track the ads and optimise them to make the ads responsive and attract new customers. Using the right strategies, you can determine the times, channels, days, and networks that are performing well.

Myth #5 TV Ads Aren’t Responsive

TV ads are very responsive compared to other mediums, claims big brands that rely on a TV advertisement to promote their product or service. If that’s not the case, brands won’t spend thousands of dollars on TV ads.

By understanding how TV ads work, you can make the most of it and make it work better for you. You can adjust the media strategies from brand awareness to direct response. The key is to work with the right branding agency.

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