Different Types of Italian Pasta You Need To Try

Some nights, all we need is a simple dish and there’s nothing better than having a plate of pasta.


Some nights, all we need is a simple dish and there’s nothing better than having a plate of pasta. It’s one of the best comfort dishes. Even better, you could dine out in any Penrith Italian restaurant to enjoy good pasta. No matter the day or season, a perfect bowl of pasta can make your day. A simple, yet classic, full-filling dinner. In fact, it’s impossible to think of any Italian food without a plate of saucy pasta and wine. This classic dish offers a lot of room for creativity. From the meat-heavy of Emilia-Romagna and the truffle-topped plates of piemonte, there are different types of Italian Penrith pasta dishes which you must try.

Pasta Carbonara

This is a simple yet delicious pasta made of pork and bacon. It’s an easy pasta recipe which you don’t want to cook anything elaborate. Just boil the pasta and bacon and top it with some sauce and herbs.

Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico

This is an excellent pasta made with tomato and basil sauce. E Basilico pasta is the most basic and simple cooked pasta and it’s the best good Italian pasta that you must try.

Baked Pasta

You can never go with the baked pasta. The pasta is baked with layers of veggies, cheese, and a tangy tomato sauce. It is baked until the dish becomes glorious and golden. This extremely easy pasta is what you need after a long day of work.


You really have to make the art of making a ravioli. Ravioli is a type of pasta where sheets of dough is willed with a mixture and drizzled with a sauce and some Italian herbs. It’s an easy pasta recipe which kids and adults will like.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is made with a meat-based sauce originated Bologna, Italy. Minced lamb, tomatoes, onions, lots of Paremesan cheese, and nutmeg are the major ingredients for making this pasta.


Lasagne is a popular dish worldwide. With the layer after layer of chees and delicious meat, every bite of lasagne along with wine tastes heaven. In fact, lasagne is one of the oldest types of pastas originated in Naples, Italy.

With these great pastas, you’ll be able to get the perfect plate of pasta you are longing for. The next time when you are searching for some authentic Italian food Penrith, try these pastas. You could make it by yourself or dine at an Italian restaurant.

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