Drinks that Pair Well with Your Favourite Pizza

Pepperoni pizza has intense flavours that complement the strong taste of the red wine.


No matter how old you are, pizza night is excellent. From kids to adults, people love to enjoy a slice of pizza on lazy movie nights. Nowadays, pizza in Vancouver is the best go-to food for a dinner night or party. Sharing a pizza is a great way to spend your evening with your friends and family. But you don’t order a pizza delivery in Vancouver just to pair it with a glass of water! The drinks that are paired with your pizza separate the experience of enjoying pizza for different ages. Yes, choosing a drink that goes well with your pizza changes the balance of things. Here we’ve listed a few drinks that strengthen and complement the flavour of your pizza.

Wine and Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza has intense flavours that complement the strong taste of the red wine. When you pair red wine with pepperoni pizza, the acidity of the wine will bring out the flavour and taste of pepperoni pizza. But, keep in mind, you should sip your wine instead of quickly consuming it.

Beer and BBQ Pizza

Beer and pizza undeniably have a long-standing relationship. It’s a classic combo, and you can’t go wrong with pairing them together. Strong, dark beer pairs better with a flavourful BBQ pizza and enhances the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. Since dark beer is more filling than other types of beer, consume it slowly.

Cheese Pizza and Dry Vodka

Wondering what drinks pair well with a mild, creamy Italian pizza in Vancouver? Go for dry vodka. Sipping dry vodka balances the taste of the creamy pizza.

Mediterranean Pizza and Cocktail

Topped with mozzarella and feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and fresh basil, Mediterranean pizza is definitely a crowd-pleaser. When you pair this flavourful pizza with a pleasant fruity cocktail, it will leave you feeling like you were somewhere oceanside. You can also pair a cocktail with a Hawaiian and Margarita pizza too.

Soda and Pizza

The soda and pizza combo creates a certain nostalgia in everyone. It takes them back to their childhood when they are allowed to have a combination of pizza and soda, giving a break to a vegetable-type meal. Starting from there, most people cling to this duo throughout their lives. So, if you are one among them, grab a can of soda when you order pizza online in Vancouver next time.

Wrapping Up

Pizza, one of the favourite foods, and deserves the perfect drink that goes well with it. Hope, this write-up gives you an idea of the drink pairings that can go well with and complement your favourite pizza.

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