Electric vs. Plug-In BMW EV – Which is Best

For many, BMW is a dream car! Not to mention about the electric side of BMW.


For many, BMW is a dream car! Not to mention about the electric side of BMW. Each BMW electric range is built to connect electric power with innovative eDrive technology. While sleek, futuristic BMW i8 Roadster and Coupe plug-in hybrids deliver a massive 420 Ib-ft of torque, BMW i3 and i3s, complete electric, are the fastest cars, offering smooth acceleration to its all-electric engine. Each engine variant offers a unique BMW experience and a new way of exploring the world from all-electric and mild hybrids to plug-in hybrid ranges. Over the years, BMW electric ranges have earned good ratings and safety scores, making it one of the best and safest electric cars to own.

However, probably these questions will be on your mind – which one should you own? What are the advantages and features? Which is the best range of BMI? Let’s take a look at each car type in this article, which will help you choose the best according to your needs and budget.


BMW’s full-electric cars are powered by BMW eDrive technology, featuring a high-voltage lithium-ion battery. With the choice of different bmw i3 charging stations and home chargers, charging all-electric BMW i3 is hassle-free. You could charge the vehicle at your home by installing bmw charging station or at your workplace and in other commercial settings.

Mild Hybrid Vehicles

BMW’s mild-hybrid models have an internal combustion engine supported by a 48v battery. The battery helps enhance the performance and boost acceleration, offers seamless functionality, and improves fuel efficiency with an increase in MIP. This helps to reduce carbon emissions successfully while driving.

Plug-In Hybrid Cars

With an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, BMW’s plug-in hybrid ranges give the drivers the best of both worlds. Switching from engine to battery help with any range anxiety while offering smart driver modes that interchanges seamlessly between power sources for efficient driving journeys. The vehicle could be charged anywhere at the home, office, and commercial places using different bmw i3 charger type.

The all-electric range of BMW offers a great driving experience to the driver. If it’s your first step into the world of electric driving, BMW plug-in hybrid EVs are an excellent choice as they combine an efficient petrol combustion engine with an electric motor. Also, BMW offers innovative charging solutions to all its models. That said, the choice is yours and choose the one that suits your lifestyle, requirement, charging options, and budget. Go electric with BMW!

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