Everything You Need to Know About Dynalite Lighting Control Systems

Gone are the days when the primary goals of businesses were to make money and generate higher profits.


Gone are the days when the primary goals of businesses were to make money and generate higher profits. Today, modern businesses have more responsibilities than just generating more profit. The unusual changes in the environmental conditions combined with fierce competition in the market have forced them to bring changes in their policies. As a result, businesses are adapting to the new technologies that help to achieve efficiency and sustainability along with profits. Lighting is one such domain that helps to achieve modern businesses’ goals and objectives.

While there are several lighting control systems in Australia, dynalite lighting control platform is more efficient that provides breed lighting control currently used in over 35,000 projects all over the world.

What Is Dynalite Lighting Control?

Dynalite lighting control is more than just turning on and off. Dynalite lighting control allows you to create ambience and illuminate a place in different lighting scenes to suit the task, an individual’s mood, and the occasion. This type of lighting control uses multifunction sensors that can detect occupancy and light-levels at the same time. It’s an advanced lighting control system and they are very smart. Installation of Dynalite smart light control in office and commercial spaces alike is highly beneficial in terms of cost-cutting, optimisation of the facility, and sustainability. In fact, it can encourage savings while delivering long-term benefits.

Here are a few ways Dynalite lighting control can benefit your business:-

Efficient and Easy Control

Integrated with unique sensors, dynalite controls enable the lights to turn on and off based on the data fed such as room occupancy, task, and traffic patterns. This connected technology provides efficient and easy control of a building’s lighting system.

Measurable ROI

According to experts, smart lighting control systems provide a measurable and immediate ROI in the form of energy savings. It’s proven that smart lighting control systems can increase energy savings by about 90%.

Distributed Control and Monitoring

Businesses can configure and control all the lights from any point on the network. In addition, it allows monitoring all the system’s components from anywhere on the network and generating reports on the system’s status.

Easy to Install and Configure

The dynalite lighting control systems are easy to install and takes less time to configure and integrate into the network than conventional systems.

Increased Lamp Life

Dynalite lighting control systems has unique features such as soft start and surge limiting volitation regulation that helps to protect the lamps from high electric and power surges, thus enhancing the lifespan of light bulbs.

For further queries on dynalite lighting control systems, please give us a call.

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