Expert Tips to Take Care of Hardwood Floors

The finest place to start when designing a beautiful home is on the floor. Nothing beats hardwood flooring Leawood KS when it comes to adding warmth and beauty to a room.


The finest place to start when designing a beautiful home is on the floor. Nothing beats hardwood flooring Leawood KS when it comes to adding warmth and beauty to a room. It not only offers a home a nice look, but it also adds a touch of luxury.

Is it really so tough to keep wooden floors clean?

Contrary to popular opinion, preserving the lively fresh sheen of a wooden floor requires very little maintenance. Engineered wooden floors are easy to maintain since they are made with hardened protection layers and finished with long-lasting surface treatments.

Here’s our guide to cleaning wooden floors that will teach you all you need to know.

Maintenance on a daily basis

– Use humidifiers: Wood shrinks in the summer and expands in the winter. To minimize these gaps, humidifiers should be used on a regular basis.

– Avoid liquid cleaners: Evade cleaning wooden floors with a wet mop. Liquid cleaners should only be used on normal flooring because they can ruin the finish of a wooden floor. The ideal method is to dust the floor every day with a microfiber cloth.

Keeping dirt and damage at bay

– Vacuum the floor: Clean dirt with a vacuum cleaner and a tightly squeezed mop. Once a week, do this to get dirt out of hard-to-reach places like corners and under furniture.

– Place glue felt pads under the legs of furniture to protect the floor from being scratched. Replace them every four months or sooner if necessary.

– Invest in doormats: This is a no-brainer. To prevent dirt from coming onto your floor, always use a beautiful doormat at the entry.

Maintenance for a long time

– Polish the floor: Every three to five years, you should polish your wooden floor. It renews and refreshes the wood’s finish, giving it a new look.

Do’s and don’ts to remember

If you have pets at home, you must use greater caution.

– To avoid scratches on the floor, keep their nails clipped.

– Beautiful rugs and carpets can also be used to avoid wooden exposure. Any stains should be removed as soon as possible using a gentle, slightly wet cloth.

– To avoid scratches, never move or drag anything across the floor. Always pick things up and place them where they belong.

– Do you have any sticky items, such as chewing gum? Don’t try to get it out of the floor with your bare hands. Instead, use ice to solidify it and then scrape it away carefully.

– A vacuum beater bar should not be used since it can damage the wood.

– Liquid detergents should not be used, as previously stated. These may damage the floor’s finish, making it difficult to maintain in the future.

– Never clean your floor with water directly. Simply wipe with a wet cloth.

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