Factors That Affect the Quality of Persian Rugs

Are you looking for contemporary rugs? Could there be a better option than Persian rugs?


Are you looking for contemporary rugs? Could there be a better option than Persian rugs? Renowned for their unique designs, intricate patterns, attractive hues, and excellent craftsmanship, Persian rugs have not only made their way into the household, but also onto adoring catwalks, concert stages, and artworks. From contemporary to modern chic homes, Persian rugs can be suitable for any home or office designs. The versatility and availability of different colours, patterns, and sizes makes it a popular option globally when it comes to carpet.

Something that’s handmade is always special as a lot of efforts go into it. Hand woven Persian rugs can be similar to others in many ways, but the weavers add a personal touch to every single rug. That’s why they are expensive, and the quality differs accordingly. Knowing the factors that affect the quality of rugs can help find a suitable Persian rug sale according to your budget.

Below are the factors that contribute to the quality of Persian carpets:-


You are probably surprised to learn that weight affects the quality of carpets. In fact, the weight of the carpet is one of the significant factors that impact the quality of a rug. Carpet weight is the weight of the carpet pile per square yard of carpet that is measured in ounces. It is a common misconception that a higher weight represents a more durable carpet. But, the truth is weight has nothing to do with the durability of carpets. Unfortunately, weight of carpets has been marketed greatly; that many consumers are given the impression weight is the best way to determine the durability of the carpet.


The Density of carpet refers to the way the fibres are tufted into the carpet and how close they are. When comparing the carpets, all rugs might seem similar. But, a higher density value indicates a more durable carpet. This is one of the major factors that affect the quality of carpets.

Fibre Twist

While fibre twist of carpet is often overlooked when purchasing rugs, it’s one of the best indicators of carpet quality. The fibre twist represents the number of times the strands of fibres are twisted together. It is often measured to within a one-inch length of fibre. This is very easy to calculate, and you can do it by yourself. Measure the one-inch length of fibre and count the number of turns you could see.

Type of Fibre

Probably you have never considered it, right? Yes, most of us overlook this factor when looking for Persian rugs online Australia. Different types of fibres are used to weave the carpets and each has different qualities and characteristics. Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and trixeta are some of the most commonly used materials for weaving Persian rugs.

If you are looking for rugs to adorn your house, buy Persian rugs from reputed sellers who provide durable and premium quality rugs that are made from superior quality materials.

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