Factors to Consider While Planning Outdoor Wedding Catering

You’ve already picked out the perfect wedding dress, the venue has been booked, and now it’s time to start figuring out catering options. If you’re planning to host outdoor wedding catering Sydney


You’ve already picked out the perfect wedding dress, the venue has been booked, and now it’s time to start figuring out catering options. If you’re planning to host outdoor wedding catering Sydney, there are several factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on the menu and other details. Here are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing outdoor wedding catering.

Consider the Weather

The most crucial factor that should be considered while planning outdoor wedding catering is the weather. If it’s an outdoor wedding, you should expect the worst as you may have bad weather during your wedding reception; so, decide on a backup location for your wedding ceremony if inclement weather strikes. Also, ensure that the wedding caterer you choose can offer their service in flexible conditions, overcoming these circumstances.

Menu Planning

When planning for an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that your guests will need more food than they would if it were indoors because outdoor weddings tend to last longer. So, keep it casual by offering finger foods or passing hors d’oeuvres stations. You can also consider wedding buffet catering featuring different types of meals, like pasta, hamburgers and hot dogs. This way, your guests can choose what they want without having to wait in line for hours on end. If the weather allows, offer barbeque items, it’d be delicious, filling, and fun. Consider all these factors before providing a quote to your wedding caterer to avoid any confusion later down the road.

Personalised Packages

The wedding caterer you choose should provide the best wedding catering packages Sydney that suit your personal taste and style. When you choose experienced wedding catering service providers, they will provide you with an efficient and reliable team that will be there to assist you every step of the way. In addition to food, they also cover other event parts such as hosting, floristry and event management.

Wedding Beverage Options

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and wondering what beverages will be served, consider a combination of champagne and non-alcoholic drinks. With both options available, guests can choose whether or not they want to partake in alcoholic beverages. If you’re concerned about having enough food options for those who aren’t drinking, keep it simple with fruits and vegetables. You can always discuss your options with your wedding caterer.

Provide Indoor Access

Having an indoor space where guests can retreat when the temperature gets too intense is a must for any outdoor wedding. If your ceremony is outdoors, it’s ideal for your reception venue to have an indoor option so you don’t turn away potential guests who might be uncomfortable sitting outdoors.

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