Fun and Cheap Hens Party Bag Fillers

From organising the invitations to planning cheap hens party games, you have a number of things in your hens party to-do list to plan a memorable night for the bride.


From organising the invitations to planning cheap hens party games, you have a number of things in your hens party to-do list to plan a memorable night for the bride. However, there’s one thing on your to-do list that’s often gets left until the last minute – the gift bags. Though it appears easy and simple, selecting the right products for the gift bags can be challenging. But, don’t fret! Here is a list of a few hens night products that can be used as fillers for your hens party bags.

Premium Bride Tribe Gift Bags – 8 pack – $24.95

These premium bride tribe gift bags are a must for any hens party as they come in the perfect size to add a lot of goodies. These bags are made of premium natural cotton with a drawstring tie. You will get 8 x bags in a pack, each with the beautiful magenta pink Bride Tribe design on the front.

Willy Whistle – $2.50

Do you want to add a bit of fun and laughter to your hens party? Willy whistle is one of the funniest hens night products that are ideal for a hens party. It’s great for entertainment at any party, including a hens night, bachelorette party, and more. Willy whistle is made from plastic and has a rope necklace for hanging on the neck. This makes the best filler for your hens party bags. Lots of fun and laughter guaranteed!

Willy Hairbrush – $8.95

The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids want to look the best at a hens party. This willy hairbrush makes the perfect gift for the bride-to-be and her guests and fabulous hens party game prizes and return gifts. It comes with a bristled head and a special pecker shaped handle, which is light and comfortable to hold. This hairbrush not only unlocks the tangles but also adds an exciting flair to the party.

Bridal Party Badge – $2.00

Bridal party badges make great bag fillers for a hens party. These beautiful hens night accessories make great mementos and look gorgeous with any outfit. Made of metal, each badge is 58mm in size covered with a mylar so they glisten and can easily be cleaned.

Red Pecker Lipstick – $4.95

Red pecker lipstick for luscious lips! This gorgeous lipstick comes in a deep red shade shaped in a real-life pecker and makes the best party filler for your hens night gift bags. They can also make the perfect hens party game prizes. You can swap your regular lipstick with this novelty lipstick if you aren’t afraid to draw attention.

The author of this article is a leading supplier of hens night products and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, she lists a few hens party supplies that can be used as fillers for hens party bags. Visit for more.



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