Good Reasons to Learn Ballet

Ballet is the foundation for all the dance genres. The movements in modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and even in hip-pop dance moves are all rooted in traditional ballet.


Why do I need to take ballet? What’s so special about ballet? When is the right age to start ballet? Merce Cunningham said it right, “You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.”

See, ballet is the foundation for all the dance genres. The movements in modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and even in hip-pop dance moves are all rooted in traditional ballet. Regardless of the style of dance, you need to know your body to perform well. The methodical and structural approach of ballet training at the imperial Russian academy encourages you to learn about your body, weaknesses, and strengths. The wisdom gained from ballet will help you learn other dance styles easily. It is rightly said,

Here are some good reasons to consider learning ballet:-

Oldest Dance Genres

Ballet is one of the oldest forms of dance genres, and it is the most comprehensive method of developing one’s potential through graceful movements. Ballet dancers achieve great things in vania vrondi ballet school Limassol helps them to translate those achievements to any genre they choose.

Know Your Body

When dancing ballet, every position is very specific, right from the dancers tilt their head to pointing their feet. To make sure that the head, shoulders, hip, knees, feet, and hand are in the right position, requires knowledge of the anatomy of an individual’s body.

Build Muscles

Yes, ballet helps build muscles. Of course, ballerinas don’t have the muscle mass of powerlifters and bodybuilders. But, they do build muscles. That’s why many dancers start from ballet and use it as supplementary training.

Improve Memory

A good ballet dancer will pick up choreography quickly and incorporate techniques learned in the classes. Ballet dancers will do many things at once, resulting in sharped brains and improved memory.


Whether at the ballet dance class or dancing to a routine, ballet allows you to move through elegant and graceful choreography. This, in turn, helps to improve self-confidence. You will learn new techniques, and then practice in front of your classmates boosts your confidence.


Ballet dancers learn to appreciate art as the dance itself has forms and representations to express and re-enact life and stories. This kindles creativity in every ballet dancer.

As you see, ballet not only helps you learn the techniques and methods of ballet movements but also moulds you as a confident person who can perform well in all styles of dance. If you are looking for ballet or Music School in Limassol, we got you covered. Please get in touch with us.

The author is an artist who owns a professional academy. Along with the team of professional artists in various arts, he provides comprehensive education in all fields of Art for all generations. Visit for more details about Music School in Limassol.



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