Granite for Your Countertop – Tips To Choose the Right One

Granite and cabinets can be paired in two ways: matching the colour or matching the veining and marbling.


For good reason, granite is one of the most popular countertop materials. Aside from its durability, it comes in an almost infinite variety of colours and styles, making it simple to match with any type of cabinets and appliances. Here, we have mentioned a few tips to choose the granite slabs Sydney.

Match the cabinets to the granite

Granite and cabinets can be paired in two ways: matching the colour or matching the veining and marbling. The first step is to select granite from a granite slabs supplier Sydney and the granite should be the same colour as your cabinets but has heavier veining. White cabinets, for example, look stunning with White Spring granite, which has grey, black, and brocade veins. Choose a stone with colour veins that complement your cabinetry if you want a granite with a contrasting colour. Espresso cabinets would look great with the same White Spring granite. It may also be useful to look at popular granite countertop and cabinetry combinations from granite supplier Sydney. Here are some suggestions:

– Grey, beige, and white granite complement the neutral medium-brown wood cabinetry.

– Cabinets in light to medium wood with contrasting granite such as Black Pearl

– Green granite with dark brown cabinetry

– Verde Peacock, and white granite complement cherry cabinets.

Choose whether you want light or dark granite

There are a few factors to consider while deciding between light and dark granite. Light-coloured granite, in general, is excellent for tiny kitchens since it expands the area. Light-coloured granite might also make your kitchen feel larger if it doesn’t get much natural light. Grey and black granite provide a striking aesthetic that pairs well with white or light cabinets in modern kitchens. Brown and beige are the most versatile hues, as they go with practically every kitchen design.

Select an exclusive granite pattern

You can choose a pattern for your granite in addition to a colour. Solid, speckled, and marbled granite are the three most common patterns. Solid granite’s design is highly consistent making it a suitable choice for smaller kitchens where a busy pattern might make the space feels claustrophobic. The shift between texture and colour in marbled granite is quite smooth. Speckled granite is a popular alternative with a lot of colour and texture diversity that’s perfect for making a statement, accenting plain cabinets, or adding interest to stainless-steel equipment.

Tile or slab granite

Finally, you must determine whether you want tile granite or a full slab of granite. Tile granite countertops are a more cost-effective way to acquire the durability and beauty of granite, but the grout lines will show. Granite is also available as a monolithic slab with minimal or no grout lines. In terms of labour and material, slab granite countertops are more expensive.

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