How can Small Businesses Benefit From a Cloud Hosted PBX

As one of the most important tools in the office, the phone system has many valuable functions.

As one of the most important tools in the office, the phone system has many valuable functions. These include connecting business teams internally and simplifying communications between the customers, vendors and clients. Businesses are becoming more accessible and more mobile, thanks to recent advancements in VoIP systems. However, businesses cannot maximise all these benefits if they are not completely aware of the phone systems’ capabilities and full potential.

Aside from enjoying more streamlined daily functions, businesses that have opted for hosted private branch exchange (PBX) systems are also enjoying much better financial results. With the help of this technology, companies and small businesses can be free from any potential issues like system upgrades and maintenance. Instead of requiring an IT team to fix these problems, the service provider will be the one to take care of them. To understand these phone systems better, let’s have a closer look at the key features of a cloud hosted PBX system.

Flexibility to Forward Calls

Just imagine what will happen if there is nobody at the office to receive phone calls. The company would definitely miss many important calls. Good thing that hosted PBX systems have a call forwarding feature. Given this kind of flexibility, employees can attend to the needs of potential clients by having the calls forwarded to a mobile phone.

In case of power outages, the operations can still continue even if the primary phone number is down. By activating the call-forwarding not reachable feature, business calls can be rerouted automatically to another designated phone number.

Extensive Coverage with Minimal Costs

Implementing features or adding lines are easier when using a cloud based business phone system. The service provider will handle the network management, software updates and many more. Add to that, there is minimal up-front cost because there is no need to invest in any infrastructure or equipment. The existing Internet connection is enough to operate the system for a truly cost-effective and seamless transition.

Superior Data Security

Cloud technology is used for hosted PBX systems. This means that all of the system data are easily retrievable, completely secured and fully backed up.

Ensures Business Continuity

Cloud hosted PBX is best for large, medium and small businesses alike because it prevents them from being affected by temporary shutdowns caused by disasters or power outages. In order to deliver uninterrupted service, data and hardware are stored offsite. With all these benefits, hosted PBX systems ensure the continuity of any business. Even if the service is down or if the physical office is destroyed, the business can proceed by rerouting the calls to mobile phones or voice mail.

Given how fast things move for businesses these days, the capacity to answer calls fast and effectively can spell the difference between failure and success. People are inclined to march on fast if they cannot find something which they need. Taking this into consideration, a cloud based phone system for small business is without a doubt a very valuable and essential technological asset.

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