How Much Do New Car Batteries Cost?

The best price on car batteries is one of the expenses you should factor in when it comes to car maintenance costs.


So you are in search of batteries for your car. Car battery prices should be your major concern. The best price on car batteries is one of the expenses you should factor in when it comes to car maintenance costs. You can’t underestimate the fact that the condition of your car battery is crucial to the car’s performance. Your driving experience can indeed be enhanced when you invest in the right wholesale car batteries.

Just because you want quality and high-performance car batteries, it doesn’t mean you have to opt for the most expensive option on the market. So, how will you get the best deal in the market? How to find the best car battery prices? There are some factors that affect the cost of batteries which you might want to know:-


Battery technology keeps evolving, and new batteries are designed to be more efficient and made to last than older flooded lead-acid type batteries. The technology of the battery play a significant role in the overall cost of the car battery.

Until recently, a majority of the batteries found are a lead-acid type of batteries as they are inexpensive than the other options. However, they also have shorter battery life when it comes to harsh weather conditions. This’s not the case with modern batteries as they last longer and made of the latest technology. There are different types of batteries, including absorbent glass mat, gel batteries, LIFEPO4, and lead-acid flooded.

Purpose of the Battery

What’s the purpose of the battery? This will also affect the overall cost of the battery. Usually, batteries fall into three categories, including deep cycle, dual-purpose, and SLI (starting-lighting-ignition). Of all the batteries, dual-purpose batteries are a popular choice as they have a balance between starting capability and deep cycle use. Dual-purpose batteries use a combination of thin and thick plate technology, allowing them to strike a balance between fast discharge and deep cycle capability.

As opposed to dual-purpose batteries, deep cycle batteries are designed to discharge their charge at a slower rate for a longer period. They are exclusively designed to support heavy-load vehicles and are also used for marine purposes.

SLI is the most common type of battery, designed to deliver power in a short bust to start the vehicle.


Specification of the battery greatly affects the cost of batteries. If the battery has more advanced features, including higher amp-hours, cold-cranking amps, different types of connectors, and a longer warranty. If you want such advanced features, you can expect to pay more.

Apart from these, brand, country of manufacture, battery design, and popularity can all affect the cost of batteries.

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