How to Position the Rugs?

If you are looking for alternative décor elements to add beauty to your living room, bedroom, or home office, rugs are the best option.


If you are looking for alternative décor elements to add beauty to your living room, bedroom, or home office, rugs are the best option. Rugs can bring any room to life. We often spend a lot of time finding the best heriz rugs online but don’t give much thought about the position of the rugs. Aren’t we? Placing the rugs is as important as choosing the right one. While well-designed rugs can add beauty and bring comfort to any space, the position of the rugs can make or break a room’s design. That’s why it is imperative to focus more on the placement of carpets. In fact, it is of utmost importance to envision the rug placement in your room before considering heriz carpets for sale for your home.

Are you wondering how to position your carpets? These tips and ideas should help you:-

See, there’s no right or wrong way to position the heriz rugs as it is based on personal preferences. You could lay down your carpet anywhere in any position in a room. But, do they suit the room? Will they be a focal point in a room? Are they coordinating with the room’s décor and colour palette? These are the major factors you need to consider when it comes to positioning the rugs. There are certain rules to follow while positioning the rugs to make the most of it, and here are they:-

Extend Rugs under Furniture

When looking for rugs, ensure it extends under all the pieces of your furniture in a room. For instance, in a living room, rugs should be positioned in such a way where all the furniture is on top of them. If that’s not possible, have the front legs of major furniture on the rugs and the back legs off. However, make sure all the legs are on above the furniture.

Don’t Cut On the Size

Skimping over the size of carpets is one of the most common mistakes people make when buying rugs. This is quite understandable, especially when you see the prices of the larger hand-knotted rugs. However, finding the right size and bigger now will save you from replacing one that’s doesn’t work later.

Leave Equal Space

Ideally, it’s essential to leave the same amount of floor space on all sides of your rug. The major goal is to have the rug centred in the room.

Cover High Traffic Areas

You need to ensure that any heavy traffic areas are covered by the rug. When people walk, it could be awkward to have one foot at the rug and another one off the rug. It could be uncomfortable and leads to unusual wear patterns on the flooring and rugs.

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