How Video Evidence Helps Your Car Accident Claim?

We have an array of smart devices, from cell phones to security cameras, that can all capture moments on video.


We have an array of smart devices, from cell phones to security cameras, that can all capture moments on video. When you are seeking compensation for your personal injury claim, a video footage of your incident can be greatly useful. If you notice one or more video cameras close to the scene of the incident, you might be asking yourself if it’s possible to get the footage. Well, the answer is yes! A skilled personal injury attorney in Belen will be able to obtain the video footage for you, as it is a crucial evidence that can help your case. Here’s more you need to know.

Types of Cameras Useful:

It has become quite common these days for people to pull out their smartphones and record the scene of a car crash. If you are not at fault, video footages captured by witnesses will be helpful for your case. But what helps even more is the recording of the events that lead up to the accident. The car accident lawyers in Belen suggest checking for the following cameras in the area:

• Traffic Camera: Traffic cameras are usually placed at locations with high accident rates. These cameras are mainly used to analyze the traffic flow throughout the day.

• Red Light Camera: These cameras are installed mainly at intersections, especially the busiest ones, to detect drivers who don’t stop at red lights.

• Doorbell Security Camera: This camera is installed at residences for security. Primarily used to prevent thefts, a doorbell security camera can record everything outside the house, right from the street to the doorway.

• Dash Camera: This is installed in personal vehicles. Dash Cam footage will be more useful for your case, as it clearly captures the audio and video of both the interior and exterior of your car. This paints a better picture of the incident, letting everyone know who’s responsible for the crash.

• Surveillance Camera: These cameras are installed by businesses to monitor what’s happening close to their premises.

How Video Footage Will Help Your Case?

Video camera footage has helped several people in winning their case and obtaining a fair settlement for their lawsuit. The opposing party might make false claims and put the blame on you. A proper video evidence will dispel such claims made by the defendant, and prove that you are innocent.

Video camera footage can show the following information vital to your case:

• Events that lead up to the accident, such as drug and alcohol usage

• Road conditions

• Weather conditions

• Behavior of the passengers and drivers

• The point of impact

• Injuries from the accident

The owners of the cameras would usually delete the footage, therefore make sure that you obtain the video as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney in Belen will send out a request to preserve the video, so that they can use it for your case. After analyzing the footage, the lawyer will determine if it’s strong enough to support your claim.

personal injury law firm in Belen NM will fight for your case by collecting proper evidence, including video footage and more, before negotiating with the insurance company. By collaborating with the expert, you’re highly likely to get compensated for the damages sustained.

The author is one of the most reputable car accident lawyers in Belen working at a law firm for years. He has helped clients in resolving their personal injury cases with good compensation. To know more, visit



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