Importance of Aging in Place

While we tend to enjoy childhood, teenage, and adult life, the most challenging stage in our life that many find difficult to accept and embrace is aging.


We go through different stages in life, and each stage defines the way we act and react to certain situations. While we tend to enjoy childhood, teenage, and adult life, the most challenging stage in our life that many find difficult to accept and embrace is aging.

Aging brings many challenges physically and emotionally. We might fall sick often, requiring help to take care of ourselves. What was once easier might be hard to do as we age. Even basic activities like brushing, bathing, dressing, and eating can become difficult and you need someone to assist these activities. While moving to an assisted living is a feasible option, nowadays, many seniors prefer to age in place and opt for home care services. If you have aging loved ones, probably you know the value of staying at home as they age. In fact, about 80% of older Australian adults would love to age in place rather than moving to assisted living facilities.

Here’s why you need to age in place:-

Improved Health

Aging in place offers a plethora of benefits and better physical, mental, and social health is one of them. Seniors who live at home with 24 hour home care service showed better outcomes in terms of depression, cognition, day-to-day activities of living, and incontinence compared to the controlled group in aged care facilities, according to research.

A recent study shows that the key to the longevity of life among seniors are community and family involvement, daily activity, emotional connectivity with children and grandchildren, and a sense of purpose. Older adults tend to thrive within their multigenerational communities, where they are valued and spend quality time with their family, children, neighbours, and community.

Save Money

In addition to health benefits, aging in the home is the best economical option for seniors. A significant portion of Australian older adults owns their homes outright. Selling the property and moving to an aged care facility can be an expensive process both emotionally and financially. With simple changes and private home care, aging at home can be affordable than moving into another facility. Moving to another place can drain your energy and money.

Access to Quality Care

Home care services provide comprehensive services to support you throughout your lifetime. Your private home carer can help you in all possible ways and get the care and services you need. This benefit offers you peace of mind for you and your family.

As you see, there’s potential for significant cost savings along with quality care and health benefits when you choose to age in place.

The author is a blogger and owns a reputable aged care facilities in Sydney. With a team of friendly and dedicated caregivers, he offers personalised home care services in all facets of community care. Visit for more details.



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