Interesting Facts about Handmade Rugs

Are you looking for handmade rugs online for your home that is unique in design and with a rich combination of colour?


Are you looking for handmade rugs online for your home that is unique in design and with a rich combination of colour? Then you should know things about the rug to make a stratified rug purchase! So, how much do you really know about the handmade rung? Chances are, you don’t know as much about this fabric as you would have thought. This is what the article is about. Let’s start with few basics.

Handmade Rugs – The Basic Facts

Handmade Rugs; because a lot of work is put into making these luxury items, those are considered luxury items. Rugs can be dyed in a wider range of colours, which makes it a more vibrant and diverse interior design. As a result, today, this decorative flooring option has been used worldwide in a wide variety of ways. Did you know rugs are a form of traditional artefacts that is traced back thousands of years? Yes, research says the first floor coverings or carpets ever made are thought to have been produced as early as 7000 BC. Until today, rugs are popular due to their soft and attractive yet durable fibre with a lot of versatility, wool area; this perfectly fits your interior decor. In short, if there is one investment piece that can instantly change the appearance of your living room, it is the handmade rugs or handmade carpets online.

Interesting Facts about Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs have enjoyed a long history across countless cultures around the world. Here are a few interesting facts about handmade rugs.

1. During World War I, the largest carpet and rug manufacturer in the world used their carpet looms to make tents and navy blankets for Army and Navy.

2. The first carpets were brought to Europe by Alexander the Great during the 3rd century BC, When he came back from battles in Persia.

3. The rug’s design and style vary from whom the rug was made and where the rug was made.

4. The world’s largest carpet was crafted from Iran, larger than a football pitch in size.

5. Handmade Persian and handmade oriental rugs are so long as they are truly handmade and made well will increase in value over time. However, Persian rugs are created by fine craftspeople only in Iran, whereas oriental rugs are those that are knotted by hand in Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Russia, India, and also in Iran.

The Bottom Line

Rugs are famous for their good benefits like keeping us warm in cold winter; especially the oriental rugs, which are so exotic to look at. If you are in search of quality handmade rugs online, check out Rugs Online!

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