Is Drink Driving a Serious Criminal Offence in Bankstown?

Yes! Drink driving is a serious criminal offence in Bankstown Sydney, yet many aren’t aware of this.


Yes! Drink driving is a serious criminal offence in Bankstown Sydney, yet many aren’t aware of this. In fact, some are even confused about whether driving is a criminal offence in Australia or not. Australia is a nation of strict law and order.

Drink driving is one of the most major causes of road trauma in Australia. No matter wherever you are in Australia, drink driving is a serious offence. Any person who is found to be operating a vehicle over the legal limit will face different types of penalties.

What is Considered a Drink Driving Offence?

The following information is general and should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice. It’s advisable to get the assistance of traffic lawyers Bankstown. There are different types of drink driving expenses, including:-

Driving Over the Limit

If you’re driving a vehicle with more than the prescribed concentration of alcohol in your blood, then you’re found guilty of a drink driving offence. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t felt drunk at the time of driving, you didn’t drink much, or your driving didn’t affect anyone in any way. Australian laws are very strict as to the amount of alcohol presence in an individual’s body when driving.

For license holders, the maximum amount of blood alcohol level is 0.5. On the other hand, for probationer drivers and learners, alcohol content in their blood is a breach of license conditions according to state laws. In addition it, if the alcohol limit in the blood exceeds .05, they’ll also face charges with serious penalties of exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol.

Driving Under the Influence

If you drive a vehicle under the influence of so much alcohol in such a state where you’re incapable of controlling the vehicle effectively, you will be found guilty of a drink and driving offence. A strong smell of alcohol, slurred speech, and swaying are the signs that show that you are under the influence of alcohol, and police will observe this based on this.


If you’re convicted of a drink driving offence, the court will impose the minimum disqualification of driving period and also impose a prolonged period. Loss of employment is not grounds to keep your license. You’ll experience a fine and license demerits will also be imposed. However, a magistrate can sentence a prison term in the case of serious and reputed DUI offences.

Do I Need Traffic Lawyers Bankstown?

Australian law is complex, and you’ll need legal advice in any criminal offence. Drink driving lawyers Bankstown can help reduce your penalties and make sure your rights are protected.

The author is the best criminal lawyer in Bankstown. Along with the team of professionals, he helps clients effectively navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for their circumstances. Visit for more details.



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